Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


4. OH great

"Pizza?" Niall asked me and the boys. "YES!" We all screamed at the same time. These boys are actually growing on me. I'm really starting to like them now. "Niall, can I speak to you?" I asked him. "Yeah." He smiled and walked into the kitchen with me. "Thank you for today, but I really..." I started. The whole world around disappeared into darkness.



"Your such a fucking brat!" Mum screamed and hit my face. Tears started to fall from my eyes. "Mum, stop! Your drunk!" I cried. "No, you have been out all night and don't bother to message me once." She screams and hits me again. "I was trying to find dad!" I cried even more mainly because of everything but also because my cheek was stinging. "We both don't know who your dad is!" Mum shouted at me. "Because your a fucking drunk!" I screamed at her. My phone rang. "Hello?" I asked. "Is this Amy?" A man asked. "Yes. Why?" I asked him. "Hello just answer this one question and you could win a week with One Direction." He said. "Okay" I said. "So when is Midnight Memories due out?" The man asked. EASY! "25th of November." I answered. "Right! You get the prize. Remember to thank your father for telling us to ring you." The man answered then hung up. "Who was that!" Mum shouted. "I'm going away for a week mum." I shouted. "No you are not!" Mum shouted and punched my face. "I am going!" I screamed and ran to my room. "I packed 2 weeks worth of clothes then ran to the door. "You walk out that door and your never coming back!" Mum shouted at me. "FINE!" I screamed and cried. 


"Amy!" Niall screamed and shook me. My eyes flickered open and Niall head was on my chest listening to my heart beat. "Guys her heart is beating!" Niall shouted as the boys ran over. "I'm also awake." I said shaking the memory of the flashback away from my head. "Oh Amy!" Niall cried and hugged me. He leaned over to kiss my cheek as Scarlett walked through the door. "I knew I couldn't trust you, same old Niall!" She screamed obviously hurt. "I thought you had changed, obviously the fame changed you back!" She screamed and stormed out. "Niall, I'm so sorry." I said sitting up. My head began to throb and a held it with my hand. "Are you okay?" Harry quickly asked. "Yea, I'm going to go to bed." I said. I liked Niall, I wanted him to fall in love with me not Scarlett break them apart! "No stay. Just lie on the sofa." Harry said and helped me over. He sat down before me and then let me put my head on his lap. "Just sleep my darling." Harry said and stroked my head. But in the morning I didn't wake up in my room, not even  the sofa. It was some strange room, it was all white and beautiful but not my room. 

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