Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


11. Niall and Scarlett.

"Niall, you fucking twat, how could you do that?!" I screamed at him. "Because I love you!" Niall shouted back at me. "No you don't you love Scarlett!" I shouted at him. "For fuck sake I love you, how many times do I need to tell you!" "Niall you fucking love Lettie!" I screamed at him. Why wont he listen? He doesn't love me he loves Scarlett. "I divorced her Amy, isn't that proof I love you!" He screamed at me. "Why the fuck did you do that!" I shouted at him. "Because I love you not her!" He shouted back. "No you don't Niall, and even if you did I love Harry, not you!" I shouted at him. He began to cry. "Why can't you love me like I love you?" He wept. ""Because I love Harry, Niall. Your just going to have to except it." I told him. "It can't, I love you." Niall told me. "Go home Niall." I told him and walked into my room. Leaving him crying and hopefully he's going home.


Hi guys, just want to tell you Amy isn't all that bad. She's telling Niall he doesn't love her when he does. It's not her fault:p

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