Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


15. Leaving

So today I think I might leave and go back to mum. I'm causing to much trouble here. I feel I have to leave to save Niall and Scarlett's relationship. As much as I love Niall, he's better off without me and I know that it's just letting go of the man I realise I have loved the whole time. I decided to call Louis who last I heard liked me. But I watched interviews with Scarlett and she said she could tell Louis everything so I have decided to tell him. I rand Louis "hello." I said as he answered. "Hi babe, what's up?" He asked with a hint of concern in his voice. "We need to met up in a minute okay?" I asked him. "Sure." He answered and hung up. I put on my black vans top with the logo across the middle in white and my denim blue skinny jeans. Then my lack studded heels and my natural make-up. I put my hair in a ballerinas bun then walked out not saying goodbye just took my phone and went. I had arranged to met Louis at the local park where Niall had took me and Rosie and when I got there Louis was already waiting. He walked up to me and went to hug me. I dodged the hug completely as I don't want to make this any harder for me to leave even though I haven't been here for long. "Louis I'm leaving." I told him. His jaw dropped and tears formed in his eyes. "What?" He struggled to say because he was crying. "I have ended it with Harry and I'm causing to much trouble between Niall and Scarlett, it will best if I leave. I had to tell someone I was going and i suppose I trust you most." I told him even though I didn't know him that well. "You can't leave." He told me. My mind is now set on leaving there's nothing he can do to stop me. "Louis I'm leaving, I'm sorry but I am." His eyes locked with mine, they looked sad and hurt. Like he had been through so much hurt and pain before. I placed my hand on his cheek still gazing into his eyes. A tear rolled down my cheek. His hand lifted up to my hand holding it there In place. "I love you, you can't go now." He explained. "I'm sorry." I told him again then began to walk away. I felt something pull on my arm I turned around and saw nothing. I looked down and saw a teary Rosie tugging at my fingers. "Stay Amy." She cried. I looked up to see Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Valen, Scarlett and Harry, all stood there all with tears on their faces apart from Harry and Scarlett. I crouched down to Rosie's height and said "I have to go my little star. Maybe I will see you again but for now I'm leaving." I told her and kissed her forehead. She ran back over to Niall and he picked her up in her arms. There, right then everyone else disappeared and I only saw Niall and Rosie. They could be my family if I wanted to, but the I saw Scarlett and when I saw her I saw the hate in her eyes that she had for me. She really did hate me. I then only saw Harry, everyone else disappeared just Harry stood there trying to be strong. He saw me staring and he saw my tears but he didn't bother say anything, not even that he's sorry. Liam and Valen then came into view. It was just them standing there in each others arms crying to each other. I didn't really know them either, only really what I have heard about them. But it still hurt that they were so upset and I didn't know them. I saw Zayn the quite boy that only ever spoke once in a while, I saw how bad he just wanted to hug me and how he wanted to cry. Next it was only Louis I saw that sweet boy that through everything has loved me. The boy who supports my decision fully because he thinks it's what I want when in fact I'm only leaving for the benefit of Scarlett. When I saw Louis I saw real love the kind that keeps you up at night. The love that every song you hears reminds you of that person. The love that you start having crazy fantasies about them that will probably never happen but still it gives you hope and makes them love you even more. The love that even their flaws are perfect. The love that makes so happy. That love that makes you never want to leave that person. And that's when I realised the pain, sadness and hurt I was putting him through.  I began to feel so sorry for Louis. And that's when I turned back around and left before I could make any sudden decisions. 


What should Amy do now. Should she turn back or should she leave forever? Please like this movella, it would mean so much. Thank you for everything. I will update after I have some feed back on what to do. 

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