Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


18. Last Chapter

"I missed not being with you!" I told Harry. I felt him chuckle a little and then said, "I missed you like you couldn't believe!" Harry kissed my forehead. I finally felt like I was where I belong. "Let's go home." I told him as we walked towards my car. "Can't we walk?" Harry asked. I nodded and he lead me towards a little path that lead on to a main road, busy. We walked hand in hand until that main road. The lights went red that indicated for the cars to stop as me and Harry walked across the road. I stepped out on the road as a car rushed past the lights and hit me straight down then sped off. I fell to the floor mainly because of the hit but also partly because of the pain the hit caused me. Harry was right at my side holding my hand as my eyes flickered then shut and open. My head hurt and my hip and ribs hurt. I was dying I knew it. I felt it. "H-harry." I stuttered, it even hurt to speak. "Yes." He cried and smiled at the same time trying to comfort me. "I'm sorry I only just realized I love you. I really did want to spend the rest of my life with you." Tears fell down my cheeks but I wasn't sad, I was happy. Because I was with Harry, the person I wanted to be with when I die. He rubbed my cheek again with his thumb wiping a few tears away as I could feel my life slipping away. "Shut up." Harry laughed and cried. I giggled as much as I could as my eyes shut. I couldn't open them but I did feel a tear escape through my shut eyes. A bright light flashed in my eyes and, I died...


I hope you guys enjoyed my books, I'm going to start a new one called Little White Lies, I know there is another book called it, in fact I'm reading it. It's just I wanted to call a story after a song they have done and Little White Lies was the most appropriate for the story line. I know this was a rubbish ending but thank you to everyone who had read it and liked it. I love you guys!

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