Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


1. Hello

I knocked on the door to Niall's house. I had won a week with them all but I was staying there. I mean Niall Horan! From ONE DIRECTION! I can't believe this was happening. Oh I'm Amy. I have dark hair but enough about me I'm meeting ONE DIRECTION! I knocked on the door and Scarlett, Niall's fiancée, opened the door. "Oh hi, I'm here for Niall." I smiled at her. "I don't think you are we are together right now!" She awkwardly smiled back. Her hair was messy and a towel was wrapped around her. I know what she was dong. "I won the contest and I'm staying here tonight." I calmly said. "Oh right um okay?" She smiled. "Let me get dressed a minute." She smiled and ran off. I waited at the door for her and she returned. "Come in." she smiled and let me in. I'm about to met NIALL HORAN!


If you read the last one then you will know who everyone is and now you know who the knock on the door was. 

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