Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


8. Day with Niall

My and Niall spent the day together today. We took a photo of us. 

Today was the best day ever. Niall took me and Rosie to the park. One bad thing happened but we will get around to that. First we went to the park. 

Flash back of the day-

"Niall, Rosie ready or not here I come!" I shouted across the park. We were playing hide and seek. I ran over to where a large and long bush covered the whole of one side of the park. At only one side of the bush was a little opening big enough for someone to go through. "Hello?" I shouted and entered the little path way covered by bushes. It was the only good hiding place in the whole park so I knew they would be there. I came to a little girl with blonde hair and covering her eyes with her hands giggling. "Rosie?" I asked lifting her up. She giggled and shouted boo. I out her down as she held my hand and ran along even more. She led me all the way to Niall who jumped out at me. He took me in his arms and span me around. "You found me!" He whispered and before I knew it he was kissing my with his soft lips. "EWWWW!" Rosie shouted. I felt Niall smile. A twig broke. I broke the kiss and turned around. There I saw a very anger Scarlett stood with a little boy, who was Valen and Liam's son they named him Oliver but, everyone calls him Olly. "Niall!" She shouted as he quickly turned his head from my neck where he had been kissing. "Scarlett I-" Niall began but Scarlett butted in. "Where is Rosie?" She asked him. I moved my arm a little but Rosie was clinging on to it. "Here." I said giving her a little friendly smile. "Rosie come here." Scarlett shouted angrily ignoring my smile.  "Mo mummy, I wan po stay wid daddy!" Rosie answered clutching my arm tightly. "No, here now!" Scarlett shouted as Rosie began to cry. "Mo mummy, Rosie stay here!" She cried cuddling into us two. Scarlett's eyes weld up. "I hope your happy Niall, now my daughter loves this girl more than me." She cried. "She's my daughter two." Niall answered. "We are married Niall and you are kissing some girl."  "we aren't married anymore!" Niall shouted as Rosie began to cry. I picked her up in my arms and hugged her. "Let go of her!" Scarlett screamed at me. "I'm trying to stop her crying!" I screamed back. "Rosie do want mummy to hug you better?" She asked Rosie calmly. "Mo mummy. I fine here." She answered snuggling into me. "Your right Niall we aren't married anymore." Scarlett screamed picking up Olly and leaving. Like I said today was the best day ever apart from that. It was awkward. After that was awkward we had a silent journey home, to Harry's and I left Niall and Rosie to go back to their house. Great. I felt so bad. 

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