Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


13. Anger

2 months later-


"Harry, Please stop!" I cried at him. "Stop following after MY girlfriend!" He shouted and kicked Niall once in the stomach. "We agreed to be civil Harry!" Niall shouted who was lying on the floor in pain. "Harry please stop!" I cried in fear and sadness. "Shut up!" Harry shouted at me and started kicking Niall hard in the stomach. "Harry." I cried even more and tried to pull him away. Suddenly Harry's fist was planted straight across my face and I fell to the floor. I looked up at him with tears streaming down my face and terror in my eyes. He looked away and started to punch Niall before I knew it I was on my feet pulling him away from Niall. Harry went even further to get me away this time. He punched me in the face, same as the time before. He then kicked my stomach creating an unimaginable pain there and punched my face once more. I cried even more and even louder. Niall was unconscious and I was nearly passed out from the pain. I was at Niall's for the day looking after him and Rosie when Harry came over and was beating up Niall. I quickly put Rosie in her room and tried to stop it all. But at this point when me and Niall were in not fit state to protect her she walked in on Harry punching Niall even though he was longer conscious. "Get off my daddy!" She shouted at Harry. I knew that Harry would lash for her, he would lash for anything when he's angry. He walked over to Rosie and towered above her. I crawled over to them and just before he managed to hit Rosie poor innocent little face I pulled up the energy to jump in front of Harry's hard punch. I knew this is when I would fall unconscious and that I wouldn't be able to protect her anymore. To my surprise Harry stopped being so violent I think he did this because he realized what state I was in. He knelt beside me holding my head. He then placed his sweaty forehead on mine and whispered I'm sorry. "We are done." I whispered back as my eyes fluttered shut. Before I reached my state of unconsciousness I felt and small warm body curl up and snuggle into me. I knew straight away it was Rosie. Just before I completely blacked out I heard a door slam and then everything around me went dead. 

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