Loto ticket

A girl called amber finds a lottery ticket and takes it to the shop and finds out she has won a day out with one direction she can't belive what she Is hearing and has so much fun and her and zayn Malik have a thing for each other she try's to tell her mother but she things she is talking crap as usual she hates her mother for that and one day her mother saw amber with zayn and tells amber what she saw.


3. 29th December

It was the 29th December amber woke up and screamed she was so excited she woke up got dressed had her break fast and say beside the door holding the house phone and her mobile waiting for someone to phone the phone rang amber answers and it was Amy is any one their amber shouted they could be trying to call me but can't get through because your on the phone Amy said sorry phone me when they show up ok amber replied ok then if I have to they both laughed and amber hing up on her.


the door bell went and amber ran to the door it was Amy I couldn't help my self she said are they here amber rely pied again NO Amy said can I come in amber said as long as you don't talk or look at zayn Amy said ok I promise Amy entered ambers house.


amber got a text from an invalid number saying meet me at the local swing park and one direction will be their so they both ran out the door to the park she text back saying their will be a not under the see saw read the next step and good luck.the note said hi this is zayn Malik I will be at your house in 3 minuets meet me their so they ran back to ambers house to find one direction standing their amber runs to zayn kisses him on the cheek zayn kisses amber as they both hug zayn whispers into ambers ear I love you and zayn I love you too.

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