A New Begining

Georgia moves to London and it's the biggest change of her life she has 7 new best friends but some may turn out to be much more than first thought to be


8. Slumber Party


I really like Louis he seems like a really nice guy, I think now that he's got that whole break up thing out of his system we will get along better, YAY!! Anyway I looked through my contacts to see what the boys saved them selfs as



BR4DF0RD B4DB01...

HAZZABEAR xxxxxxxxx.


Hmm.. "Um guys what's with the weird names?" I asked Liam looked confused and said "what do you mean?" I laughed and said "well except yours" the boys laughed and I just sighed

We decided to watch a movie, so I went through to the spare room and brought through a big box of movies, we sat there choosing for a while until there was three to choose from

Paranormal Activity, Toy Story or The Notebook

We did a vote which was quite fast because The Notebook got one (me) Toy Story got one (Liam) and paranormal activity got.. You guessed it 4

I hate scary movies I'm terrified of them and what I hate more is that I'm with a group of quite good looking lads so I don't want it to seem like I'm pretending to be scared to get close to them, this may be the end Georgia , meh you had a nice day of having friends :(

I tried to convince the boys to let me sit alone so I can just cuddle with a pillow when I'm scared, but they wouldn't let me so I'm sitting in between Liam and Louis.. With Harry on top saying very loudly "let me sit next to her so she doesn't get scared" winking at me. I looked him straight in the eye and said "I don't think that's a good idea as you scare me more than any movie ever will" Louis laughed and said "that's you told now sit in the corner peasent" but then regretted it and said "HARRY IM SORRY SIT BESIDE ME ILY HAZZABEAR IM SORRYYY" these boys... Are... Hilarious

We are about half way through the film and I'm currently holding on to Liam for dear life with my face buried in Louis' chest, how did I get in this position, oh yeh they made me watch a scary movie Harry and Niall keep telling me to be quiet and throwing pillows at me because I keep screaming.. Haha deserve it :)

The films over and I can't even turn around without thinking I'm gonna die so we watch Toy Story which Liam was quite happy about I fell asleep half way through on.. I think it was Louis' shoulder idk


I woke up to all the boys sleeping around me, I picked up my phone 7:30 i put my phone down and turned around back cuddling with Louis when I realised

I jamp up making Louis jump and say "what's happening" in shock I laughed and said "it's 7:30 IN THE MORNING" Louis quickly woke up all the boys I can't believe we all fell asleep, how stupid and we have school oh how I feel sorry for the boys I ran into the bathroom when Louis came in after me to ask what I was doing I said "it's Thursday, we have school, I need to have a shower.. Get out please" Louis' eyes widened and he said "oh sh!t school I completely forgot" and he walked out I shouted after him "there's a bathroom across the hall and another one down stairs if any of you guys want to shower" Harry walked in and said "yeah guys go get a shower gosh you stink!" I stood and said "Ehem" gesturing towards him he replied with "I was thinking we could share to, you know save time and water" winking I rolled my eyes and shoved him out of the bathroom and locked the door

I had a quick shower washing my hair and body removing all the dirt and stuff.. Yup

I got out and dried my body and put a towel around my hair and body, I don't walk around naked (especially when there are 5 boys I barely know in my house) and walked out of the bathroom to be tackled on to the bed I screamed I thought I was going to be raped

then I realised it was them I sighed and said "can you let me up so I can get dressed for school please?" They let go of me and just my amazing luck and because the universe loves me when I stood up my towel ripped of leaving me butt naked infront of 5 boys I pretty much just met I squeeled and bolted for the closet and slammed the door behind me, my heart was pounding

I got dressed I was wearing my Hollister top and some skinny jeans, hoping they wouldn't say anything about the earlier incident I slowly crept back into the room to see all the boys sitting waiting for me

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