A New Begining

Georgia moves to London and it's the biggest change of her life she has 7 new best friends but some may turn out to be much more than first thought to be


2. leaving

"GEORGIA HURRY UP!!" My dad called from down stairs. Moving to London, wow I'm scared I don't know what to expect. My dad says moving there will be a big step to my future and a connection to my past with a step forward to finding out my family secret

I picked up the picture frame the last thing I have to pack. I stared at it for a moment, it's a picture of my mum I loved this photo it's the only photo of her that I have. I wish I knew her "just coming" I called back down as I carefully placed the picture into my last bag and zipped it up

I ran down stairs and saw my dad waiting beside the door. I quickly slipped on my vans with galaxy print on them that I left out last night. I walked out the door and chucked my bag in the car and jumped in, I took my phone out of my pocket and plugged in my earphones and put my music on shuffle. Music is my life

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