A New Begining

Georgia moves to London and it's the biggest change of her life she has 7 new best friends but some may turn out to be much more than first thought to be


7. Georgia's house

"Ok make your selfs at home, get comfy" I said and smiled. They ran to the bed and jamp (w4steofsp4ce 😉) on to it and all ended up in a very uncomfortable looking pile I stood and laughed at them until Liam said "do you wanna give us some help here" he held his arm out and u yanked it and they all came tumbling to the floor and groaned Zayn said "give us a hand" I rolled my eyes and held my hand out only for zayn to grab it and pull me down with them resulting with me screaming I quickly put my hand over my mouth

I heard my dad coming up the stairs, we all scrambled about to get up and when my dad walked in what he could see was Niall lying under zayn, zayns foot in my mouth, my hand on Louis' face, Louis' arm under Harry and Harry lying on me

My dad looked a bit shocked and we all stood up my dad said "who are all these boys?" I pointed out each one saying their name the last one I said was Harry and my dad froze I asked him what was wrong but he just muttered something under his breath and left...

"So what do you guys wanna do?" I asked they all turned to look at Louis and he just shrugged all the boys looked completely shocked then Liam said "let's play truth or dare" and we agreed and sat down "who first?" Harry asked "ME!!" I screamed jumping up and down.. On my bum? Yeah? Okay.... "Louis truth or dare!?" I asked "truth" he said, everyone gasped, I wonder why? Oh well "whhaaattssss wrrooonnnggg?" I asked "do you really want to know?" "Yes" we all said "Eleanor broke up with me, happy now!!" He said then stormed out of the room, I quickly stood up and followed him, I heard the others shout after me to leave him but I followed him I see him sitting outside near the pool he looked really upset


(Sorry don't know why the writing got small..) I told them about the break up and ran off, I heard some one come after me but I just ran I got outside and I seen a pool I walked over to it and sat down staring at my reflection in the water, I looked a mess and my eyes were red and puffy, I never even noticed I'd been crying

I heard someone behind me and said "go away Harry I don't want to talk-" "it's me, Georgia" I got cut off she came over and sat down beside me and said "if you don't want to talk about it that's fine, I know we aren't very close, hint because we just met today, but I just hope you are okay" she said putting her arm around my back, I hugged her and she hugged back and said "do you wanna go back in" I nodded and we stood up

"Race you" I said and started running I heard her behind me shouting "HEY THATS NOT FAIR YOU GOT A HEAD START" i laughed and kept running when I got in I stopped and she came in and said "I demand a rematch!" We laughed and walked up stairs where the guys were- "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY PHONE" Georgia shouted I swear Niall jamp 3 feet in the air, Georgia grabbed her phone while Liam was explaining how they were just putting in their phone numbers I took her phone off of her and added mine and she smiled. Oh her smile is perfect, don't fall for her I can't fall In love with her, but I think I already am.. Wow Louis you haven't even known her for a full day. Snap out of it

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