The Place I Once Called Home

Dia, her little sister Alyss, and her mother were suppose to leave the next day for some unknown urgent reason. Only Dia leaves the house alive. The zombie apocalypse has started. During it, Dia finds love, friendship, enemies, and maybe even a new place to call home.


4. Chapter 4

Carl's PoV:

I stomp off after Dia leaves. I am so fucking mad! I thought she was THE one and then that bastard Alex shows up! I walk into Cell Block B, walk to my cell, and slam my door shut. I flop down on my bed and stare up at the ceiling until I hear the door open. I hear Dia say, "Here, Alex. Your cell is next to mine." I clench my fists and will myself to keep quiet. "Thanks Dia." Alex says. I hear someone shuffling their feet. I peek around the corner and I see Alex hugging Dia!!! Man I am really fucking pissed now! Without thinking, I slam open my door and face them, my eyes narrowed to slits. They turn, and I start yelling at Dia. "What the hell you freaking slut! I thought you knew I liked you but I guess you didn't care! Go die you fucking whore! You're a hoe and I hope you get eaten my the walkers!" I scream. Dia's brown eyes go wide, then fill with tears. I take a deep breath, then realize what I just said. Dia backs away slowly, then turns and runs out of the cell block, her waist length brown hair swinging wildly behind her. "Wait Dia!" Alex shouts, then turns and glares at me. "You fucking idiot!" He yells, then turns to go after Dia. I stand there in shock. What have I done?!?!?

Dia's PoV:

"Go die you fucking whore! You're a hoe and I hope you get eaten by the walkers!" Carl screams at me. I run as fast as I can out of the cell block, then run as far as I can without leaving the prison. I sink to my knees in a grassy field, and wait for it to start.

*Warning! Mature scene coming!*


"Dia you fucking whore!" My dad screams, insanely drunken and swinging a beer bottle. I cower in a corner, my hands over my head. I am already beaten and bruised from earlier. I have several cuts, and blood is forming a pool underneath me. "I told you to get home by fucking 6 pm and you arrive 5 minutes late! You bitch!" My dad screams, hitting me with the bottle. I scream, and he covers my mouth. I can smell the beer on his breath. "Your client is waiting. If you don't give yourself completely, I will cause pain for you in a way you will have never felt before!" I sigh, trembling with terror, and he removes his hand from my mouth. "Good girl." He says, then grabs my chest. He fondles me, then grabs my hair, tilts my head back, and practically sticks his tongue down my throat. "Hmm, nice tits you got there baby girl. Soon I might have to get a little pleasure myself." He smirks, then leaves. I stand up, still shaking, then walk to the battered door, to my "client". The man pushes me down onto the bed and forces his tongue into my mouth. I don't even bother struggling, because he will beat me even worse if I resist. So I give in, and let him feel me up, sticking his hand in my panties, pulling off my shirt. He smashes his lips onto mine again, then stops and pulls away. "My pants," he says, "take them off. The underwear too." I obey, and soon his dick is pressing against my thigh as he lays on top of me and proceeds to kiss my breasts, sucking and pulling. I moan, and he stops, and grins. "You like that baby? Well, I can give you even MORE pleasure. He goes lower with his tongue.....

"Dia! Dia!" I hear someone shouting my name. I open my eyes, and Alex's face blurs into view. He looks frantic. I sit up, and rub tears from my eyes. He grabs me, and pulls me into a hug while I sob. "It's alright Dia. He can't get you anymore, remember? He went to prison. I will protect you if he ever comes back." Alex whispers, pulling me closer. I sigh, and say, "I know you will, Alex. Thanks." I nestle my head into the crook of his neck, and he sighs. "Thank god you're alright Dia. I don't know what I would have done if you had gotten hurt." "Don't worry, it's not your fault, and it's not Carl's either. He didn't know that when I hear something that reminds me of my dad I get a flashback." I say. "I know, but that guy just pisses me off." Alex mutters. I sit up. "Hey, look at me." I say, grabbing his chin, and turning his face towards me. "This is not your fault. Don't forget that." He blushes, and looks away. "Alright." He says, hiding his face. I giggle and look back up at the sky. It's all peaceful right now, the walkers haven't found this part of the prison yet. It's almost like I never left home.

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