Story of MY life. .. comp entry for story of my life..

*story of my life entry*


3. School!

When i was four, i started school. meeting my best friend 

to save names, lets call her Kenzie

Me and kenzie were the best of friends until july 2010. where we had to go to different high schools.

 we were insepirable 

When i went into high school. I started liking this boy


On my thirteenth birthday, i turned thirteen... OBVIOUSLY lol

I went to a fancy resturant with my best friends and my couisen.

i got a pink Limo. and you'll never guess what xD

the limo driver peed in our neighbours bush omfg 

I had a best friend. @LucyRose she is literally like my sister.

i love you <3 

Well, when i was fourteen (now)  i developed depression, i was a self harmer and i was suicidal, I woulnt have expected when i was 11-12 to turn into someone who stays up at half three crying

Well, i tried to commit suicide six times. but its ok. 

im better now <3




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