The Heart's Lock

The Heart's Lock ! A story about a high school girl Who Is going to 12th grade and knowing it'll be tough the senior year will bring her to new heights and different imaginations!!


1. Moving In

The first day I burst into flames going around crazily as I searched the new house . This house was pretty old but the only one we could Pay for.

My brother bust into flames bolting upstairs but never did I know this place was not what it seemed to be ......

"Ahhhhh.....HELP!!!!" I heard my little brother Samuel yell . I thought it was one of his little jokes but this screech seemed way deep to be fake . My mom , dad and I ran upstairs all three wearing worried looks.What could have happened ? As we reached the top of the stairs we followed the noise and there we found my brother on the floor full of blood head to toe . I saw my mom crying huge tears while she asked Samuel what happened . Even my dad was crying and I could hear him breathing hard and my dad, Andrew has never ever done that before.I comforted my dad and hugged him tightly for even he was scared. My dad quickly went over to the phone and called 911 I was scared my mom and my dad was definitely scared too . we didn't know what to do but call them. We waited and waited for the ambulance and then they came , they knocked heavily on the door 'tap tap tap' and I burst downstairs and opened the door for them . They came in and I showed them the way upstairs to where my little brother was lying unable to move. They said it was a serious injury they asked how it happened but None of us could reply we just said he came upstairs and we heard him scream and he was here on the floor with blood drooling down his face and that was all. We didn't know how it happened or what had happened.

A couple a days after my brother in the hospital my mom decided I needed to start school and I didn't want to because my brother was still in the hospital but she said I can't back up on my life on my future so I agreed.

Our house though was still a mess with the boxes when we were moving in but we never got a chance to actually make the house clean and my mother planned to do right now even though she was worried about Sam we still had to keep on going with life we would wait and wait until Samuel would come out of the hospital but till then we have to make sure everything else was perfectly fine when he came back . I was so glad to hear he would be coming back even though he was really annoying and he always caused trouble he was still my sweet little brother .

" Janet make sure you go and clean up your room , you have to get ready for school don't you tomorrow is your first day," My mom claimed jamming through the boxes in her room.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my boxes And got out all my stuff I got out my stuffed animals I got out my clothes and the furniture was already there so all I had to get was stuff like books etc. Then I got my backpack . It was such an old backpack I needed a new one so I ran to my mother's room two rooms next door. "Mom can I get a new backpack like just look at this old backpack it is so old-fashioned please could you buy one please please!" I bellowed hoping it would work .

" Honey ...listen I can't waste money just to get new fashion stuff you have to understand we can't just throw our money away ok , just use the backpack is not old it's fine it's perfectly fine," She argued.

" Mom don't understand I'll be the only one with the old backpack like this no one wears these kinds of backpacks anymore everyone at the high school will have all those fancy and nice backpacks while I have this dumb one," I exclaimed stomping my feet on the floor.

"Alright alright I'll buy you one let's go to the store... Sheesh!" My mom said tiredly.

"Yay!" I said!!!! I skipped over to my room smiling all the way I was happy I would be getting a new backpack then I rushed over and got my phone then I went over to my mom and grab her wrist and pulled her all the way to the car on set out.

We stopped at Walmart the closest store to our house which was probably only five minutes away. We got out and walked over to the store we looked at the time schedule so we knew how long the store will be open even though we already knew Walmart was always open 24 hours but we have to make sure you never know in a foreign place what kind of scheduling people do. As we going to the store I looked for the back-to-school section and there were so many back backpacks that I would burst into confetti! 😜

For a moment I thought that I was in Wonderland but then I decided let's just get a backpack and leave. I searched through the rows and rows there were so many backpacks to pick from. As I was walking I stumbled into a wonderful pink and Levander and reddish backpack it was wonderful it was perfect it was just the perfect backpack that I wanted. " Mom can I get this one?" I asked . " Sure ," she said shrugging her shoulders . We walked over to the lines and picked up the smallest line we were first there so we decided to go there I put my backpack and The lady there took it and scanned beeeep! The sign read that it was five dollars. My mom got out her purse and took out A five dollar bill she handed it to the lady and lady said thank you we put the backpack in a bag and we took off to the car And into our home I can't call it Home sweet home but still it was our home!

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