Guardian angel

Hi my name is Jessica Williams. I'm just a normal girl, living a normal life... Well I thought I was until the day I find out that I have a guardian angel a sweet boy


4. This Boy....

"Man this boy"....I thought to myself

"He is so angelic and his velvety smooth voice sounds slightly familiar..."

I started to think about his crystal blue eyes. I got so lost in thought just thinking of how they shined......

"Jessica?..." I heard the voice of the teacher,"do you know the answer?"

"Uh um..." I stammered "uh sorry Mrs. I forgot..." I tried to hide how nervous I was. I could feel my face turning red.

"Ok" she replied. She started writing on the board

My attention started wandering back to the beautiful boy. My thoughts where interrupted by the school bell. It took me a second to grab my books and rush out the door. When I got outside the class I noticed something was wrong....


...sheepishly I walked back into the classroom. I walked to the desk that I knew Was the one I took the books from. I took a deep breath....

"Excuse me?" I managed to say,"are these yours?"

He looked up, and WOW! He was cute.

"O ya...thanks" he gave me a weird look, how'd u get these?"

"By accident..." I mumbled staring At my toes, "sorry" I felt really stupid

"no don't be" he giggled "it's ok"


"I gotta go!" I said trying to sound cool "I have a class to get to"

"Me to" he stood up and walked out the door

Wow that was cool I think I just fell in love.

When I got to my next class my thoughts drifted to the boy from the sidewalk. Before I knew it, the day was over and I was walking home.

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