Guardian angel

Hi my name is Jessica Williams. I'm just a normal girl, living a normal life... Well I thought I was until the day I find out that I have a guardian angel a sweet boy


14. The next day

The Next Day
After I had sobbed myself to sleep, my dreams became a darker scarier place for me. All I could think of was my mother and the two months that she had on this earth. Why was this happening? Couldn't one thing go right in my life? 
I woke up the next day with puffy bloodshot eyes and a pale sickly expression. I didn't want to worry my mother anymore so I took care of it myself. I washed my face with cold water and applied a bit of makeup to my face to conceal the long terrifying night I endured. I normally hated makeup but today was an exception. I needed to keep my moms hopes up. Showing my pain wasn't going to help her. 
I went downstairs to the kitchen with a fake smile on my face. I hoped it didn't look too fake. 
"Hey mom." I said as calmly as I could. 
"Hey, sweetie. How was your sleep?" She asked, concern creeping into her voice and face. 
"I slept fine mom, but how did you sleep?" I asked turning the question back at her. 
"I didn't sleep well I'll admit." I looked at my beautiful mom closer. 
Her hair, normally so smooth and soft, was tangled and unbrushed, her eyes, once so sparkly, were dull with fatigue, and her overall facial expressions betrayed exactly how much pain she was going through. 
"Mom, let me stay with you." I begged, "please. You have to let me." 
"Jess, you have to go to school. Your education is the most valuable thing you have for your future." She started.
"No, you are. You're the one that's kept me going. You're the one I went to when times were bad. If you leave...I-I'll" my voice cracked as tears spilled over and I broke down again. I sat down hard, missing the chair and tumbling to the ground bruising my leg and elbow. I didn't care anymore. 
My mother went over to me and kneeled next to me. She held me close to her, so close I could hear her heart beating. Thump...thump... thump. Strong, but not as strong as it used to be. I should know, she had held me like this countless times. From falling off my bike the first time to breaking my arm to getting bullied to every moment I needed comfort. I had loved her embrace, her warmth, her calming voice soothing me telling me it would be ok, and the pounding of her heart that blocked out every bad thing there was in life. 
I felt myself relax for a bit, I let myself be held for awhile. I felt my mothers body stiffen slightly. She stood up and I stood with her bumping my head on the table. I grimaced and looked to see what my mother was looking at. 
Sam, standing tall and strong at the doorway.
"No! You can't have her! Not now, not yet!" I screamed. 
"It's been a long time, Maria." He said calmly smiling at my mother. 
"Sam?" My mother gasped. 
"What? How?" I stammered.
"Yes, your not the first one I was sent to." Sam said gently.
"You came back, after all these long years." My mother said quietly. "I knew you would." 
"I told you I would come in your greatest time of need, and I did." He said simply. 
"Now Jessica, let's go to school before your late." He said firmly.
My mother nodded and said "When you get home, we can talk about this more." 
Sam lead me out the door and into the world where thing could get a lot worse. 
We walked to school in silence. Finally I asked Sam, "And you never told me you were my moms angel?"
"Secrecy is a part of my job and the jobs of many of my fellow Guardian Angels. We look for the ones who need a friend and we stay with them until they no longer need us." 
"So your going to leave me?" I asked, a tear threatening to fall. 
"Not until your heart is healed" he told me. 
We reached the school and he lead me up the steps. 
"You have 2 minutes to get to class. I'll meet you back at home to talk to you and your mother and clear things up for you. I'll be waiting. Don't get in trouble" he called as he gently pushed me through the doors. 


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