Guardian angel

Hi my name is Jessica Williams. I'm just a normal girl, living a normal life... Well I thought I was until the day I find out that I have a guardian angel a sweet boy


10. The next day at school's consequences

"Jessica and Andrew please stay a few minutes after class" said Mrs. Boot. I stayed in my seat and after every one of her class mates had gone her and Andrew walked up to the front desk and saw her usually very nice teacher looking very angry

"Sit" she said coolly

Jessica sat and heard a faint pop to see Sam in the corner of the room watching her.

'Oh great!' Jessica thought

"Now, I want to know why, Both of your homework is Identical!" She said anger flaring in her eyes

"Uhhhhhhh" stammered Andrew looking at me

" were you cheating?" Mrs. Boot asked

"I......yes, I didn't finish my notes and so I asked him if I could barrow his so I could finish.." Jessica trailed off.

"Good to know, Because you broke school rules both of you will be put in detention for a month, Go now" Mrs. Boot said

Jessica looked at what she was writing at she saw her paper and Andrew's on it was a big fat


 Jessica sighed and looked at Sam who was shaking his head arms folded looking at the ground then with a faint pop he was gone.

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