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Hi my name is Jessica Williams. I'm just a normal girl, living a normal life... Well I thought I was until the day I find out that I have a guardian angel a sweet boy


12. detention

New co-author

Hi everyone! My name is neon_orange_penguin and I am co-authoring with Rachel_f_w and pottorheadsrule. They are both awesome writers and you should fan them both in my opinion. I hope you like this new chapter!

Chapter 11- Detention

School was pretty crappy after I received the detention from Ms. Boot. Everyone thought I was a bad person. Especially Katherine Sellers. I get the same punishments as the kids who do really bad things on a daily basis. Like stuffing kids in lockers, stealing money from the cafeteria, skipping school, and a great deal more. All I had done was borrow some notes. Each class was torture as Andrew was right next to me, shooting me a look that I can't define. I haven't seen Sam lately. It's like he's withdrawn after I got into trouble. I honestly didn't care. He was being unreasonable. I didn't do anything wrong. He was just being stuck up and self important. I began to think I would be better off with out him.

Later that day, I wondered if I could get away with skipping detention. I dismissed the idea as soon as the principal walked into my path.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asked sternly.

"Detention. Ma'am." I squealed rather pathetically.

"Good. I'll escort you there personally along with the other kids." She began walking down the hallway. Two boys, Andrew, myself, and worst of all, Katherine Sellers.

"Since we have two new people in detention, I will explain the rules.

Rule 1. You will stay in the library at all times.

Rule 2. No talking is allowed.

Rule 3. No electronics are allowed.

Rule 4. No food or drink is allowed.

If you leave before the due time, you will be given another week of detention. If caught disobeying these rules, you will be given another week of detention. Am I clear?" She gazed severely at me and Andrew.

"Yes ma'am" we all say in unison.

She marches us into the library and we sit down at a round table. The two boys immediately fall asleep, Katherine begins filing her fingernails and blowing the dust into my face, Andrew just sits there, staring into space. I'm unsure if I should scream in frustration or quietly stew in anger. I stew for about half an hour, thinking about how I did nothing wrong. I decided to walk a little ways into the shelves of books and call Sam.

"Sam? I whispered.

"Yes" he came walking down the aisle.

"I'm bored. I didn't do anything wrong. This isn't my fault." I whine softly.

"Jessica. Who didn't copy down the notes? Who asked to copy someone's? Who didn't ask the teacher for help?" He said simply.

"I did."

"Exactly. Maybe you should think about your actions before doing something stupid."

"I guess so."

He's starting to sound like my father.

"Geez Sam. What's up with you?" I ask, a little rudely.

"Nothing Jessica. Ever since you began talking to Andrew I've noticed you're grades went down, you argue with your parents, and in general all day you haven't even looked for me" he sighed heavily, "but if you're happy, I guess you don't need a guardian angel." With a faint pop, Sam disappeared.

I didn't care. He was being selfish. I crossed my arms and huffed indignantly. I went back to the table and sat in an angry silence. After scowling for so long, my face began to ache. Why was my life suddenly becoming more difficult? I sat and felt my face sort of melt back to its normal way of looking. I didn't look at anyone. There was no one to look at. Wait, what? Everyone was gone, Andrew, Katherine, and the two boys. All gone. Whatever. I didn't like them anyways. Andrew. Why would he go off without me? Maybe Sam had a point. No. He didn't. I liked Andrew. I secretly thought he liked me back. Was he really a bad influence in my life? Sam was my guardian angel. He kept me company when I was alone, cheered me up when I was sad, and protected me from the bullies and the horrors of school. That was gone now. And so was he.

"Sam. I'm sorry for what I said to you. I can see now, why you were like that. Please come back." I say softly.

No answer. I feel tears threatening to spill from my eyes. A slight shimmer next to me.

"Hey there." Says melodious voice.

"SAM!!!" I cry as quietly as I could. I ran to him and hugged him tight.

"I'm so sorry." I say over and over and over again.

"Jessica. It's ok." He said stroking my hair, "I only wanted to protect you from getting into more trouble."

I look at him.

"Thank you. I promise I'll try to be the best I can be."

"That's my Jessica" he says with that dazzling smile of his. We talk together for the rest of detention. The others never came back.

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