he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


5. Stevens newfound love and the devil in disguise

Stevens P.O.V


I am sitting on the couch with my laptop and a bowl off my pasta dish that tastes wonderful and I can see from the corner of my eye that Nick and Matthew are sitting across from each other eating some vegan dish and I can feel my blood boil so I finish my pasta dish and place in the sink in the kitchen and tell them that i´m going for a walk and I walk out the door and down the street to Dereks place and knock on the door till he lets me in and I walk over too the couch and sit down before I start crying and I feel Derek hug me tightly and whisper


“what happened Steven??”


I look into Dereks beauti... no I can´t its wrong but he is so cute....stupid mind shut up!


“i can´t stand seeing Matt and Nick so in love knowing that I will never find my special someone!!”


then Derek says something that changes my world forever


“Steven I really like you a lot and I want you too be mine”


I then look at Derek gobsmacked before collecting myself and says


“o-of course ill be yours Derek”


I lean in and kiss Derek and feel him kiss me back softly I then pull away and smile widely before saying


“i think I better get back before they start wondering where I went”


I then get up and kiss Derek again before running home and inside mine and Matthews apartment and see them sitting on the couch with there phones in hand and mine on the table infront off them they then see me and Matthew gets up and says


“where the hell did you go its midnight and you didn´t even take your phone with you!!!”


I look at then ground before saying


“i´m sorry matty I went to Dereks to talk to him and cool off”


I barely catch Nick whispering




I look at nick glaring before saying


“i am not a liar you can call Derek and he´ll tell you that I was at his place!”


then Matthew says


“Nick, Steven please stop and steven why Dereks place?”

I look at Matthew before saying


“he is the only one that I feel like I can talk to about this”


Matthew looks at me teary eyed before saying softly


“i thought you knew that you can always talk to me about anything Steven”


I look at Matthew crying when I say


“i know but I was mad about seeing you and nick so in love and knowing that I would never find someone I can be in love with”


Matthew looks at me wide eyed before saying


“you are in love with someone I can see it in your eyes Steven who is it?”

I look at Matthew and nick before saying


“i-its Derek”


Matthew looks at me wide eyed before saying


“i thought you where straighter than a stick?”


I look at Matthew laughing


“nope i´m as straight as a circle”


Matthew and nick starts laughing and giggling and I join in on the laughing until Savannah walks in glaring at me and says


“what the hell do you think you are doing hanging with faggots!!”

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