he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


7. Nightmares, ex-boyfriends and late nights

Chapter. 7




so I get up and run downstairs getting the vegan and the non vegan ice cream and two spoons and run up stairs and see that Nick put in pitch perfect and I give him his Ben and Jerry cookie dough ice cream and I was getting the non dairy kings mint chocolate chunk ice cream and we fell asleep sometime during the movie and woke back up at around 2:30ish in the afternoon me with a killer headache and I get out of bed slowly and take two Advil and a make a glass of water and swallow the Advil and walk back in waking up Nick and telling him that he have school in an hour and a halfish so he gets up and gets ready and leave my apartment and about 15 minutes later Derek and Steven walk inside the living area and Derek says


“matt i´m so sorry I Darren is an asshole so will you please forgive me and take me back as your bestie again please”




Matthews P.O.V


I look into Dereks eyes and smile softly before saying


“of course your my best friend next after Steven and I need you”


Derek smile widely and I hug him tightly smiling widely and whisper in his ear


“don´t you dare take Nick from me or ill kill you slowly”


Derek then whispers back


“i wont I have Steven and I love him more than anything in the whole entire world”


I nod and let go going over to nick and take his hands and pull him up and drag him with me to my room and I lay down on my bed just as the tears started running down my face and I barely hear Nick lay down next too me and cuddle me close before he whisper softly in my ear


“Matthew what happened back there?”


I look into Nicks eyes before softly saying


“i-i Derek”


nick looks back into my eyes and says


“what about Derek?”


I break down crying again when I say


“how am I supposed to just forgive and forget Derek when he stole my boyfriend and now he is stealing my best friend?!”


nick looks at me confused before saying


“he didn´t steal me matthew”


I look at nick and says


“not you nick my ex-boyfriend Darren”

Nicks P.O.V (in his own apartment dreaming)


I am laying on my bed thinking what if I made the wrong decision by saying yes to Matthew, what if I had said yes to Bryan would it have changed anything or would I still be laying here and question myself about it, one thing I do know is that I would never know until I tried being Bryan so I picked up my phone and told Matthew that I needed to talk to him and that I would come to his place in about 30 minutes so I got up of my bed and put on a beanie and left the house taking the car there and when I got there I parked my car and knocked on his door, then he opened the door and let me inside and I sat down on the couch trying to hide my tears, Matthew says


“what did you want to talk about Nick?”


I look at Matthew and says


“i-i need a break to think”


Matthew starts crying and says


“so what you are saying is that you are breaking up with me?”


I look into his beautiful eyes and says


“yes I am breaking up with you Matthew”


I then get up and run to my car and drive back to mine and Ellies apartment and climb into my bed texting Bryan




(Nick) “hi Bryan”

(Bryan) “hi nick hows the boyfriend doing?”


(Nick) “me and Matthew broke up because I wanted to know what its like being with you”


(Bryan) “you still like me I thought I was just a wast of time when you met that Matthew guy”


(Nick) “i still like you, but i´m in love with Matthew and i´m so confused right now”


(Bryan) “if you still love Matthew as you obliviously do you should go back to him cause i´m not worth it”


(Nick) “okay Bry and thank you ill go get him back tomorrow”






I wake up with a startled scream and look around my room breathing heavily ignoring my tear stained face I sit up in my bed and check my phone and see that I have 50 missed calls and texts from Matthew so I call him back shaking




(Nick) “hey Matthew sorry I didn´t answer any of your 50 calls or texts but I was asleep”


(Matthew) “its okay but I just I got scared cause you took of with out saying anything or giving me a goodbye kiss”


(Nick) “really a goodbye kiss that’s what you are worried about?”

(Matthew) “no i´m worried about you and I thought id done something wrong”


(Nick) “you hadn´t done anything wrong but babe I have to go to class or ill be late”


(Matthew) “okay baby I love you and have a great day at school”




I grab my backpack and my Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and walk out to my car and drive to my school and run inside sitting next too Ellie and smile at her when the principal walk in with none other than my ex-bf Caspar Lee I hit my head on the table and ignore him sitting down next to me and continue to take notes until the class ends and I grab my bag and Starbucks cup and run to my car and drive to Matthews place and knock on his door until he opens it and kisses me and pulls me inside.


Caspar Lees P.O.V (guess you weren’t´t expecting that xD)


I am sitting in the apartment I am sharing with sawyer and Joey and I can´t stop thinking about Nick and what I used to have with him and I know I was the one that ruined it by cheating on him with Troye but its in the past and Troye is with Tyler know so I wouldn´t even be able to get him, well enough about that I look into Sawyers blue eyes and smile softly when I suddendly hear Joey yell




sawyer then looks at me like “what the fuck did you do Caspar?” I look back at him and says


“i messed up his hair products and I placed a camera in his bathroom so I could get it on video”


sawyer starts cracking up laughing when Joey comes downstairs with pink and purple gooey in his hair so I hurriedly get up and run upstairs to my room and lock the door so he can´t get in and locks the door to our shared bathroom so he can´t go that way either and I go back to my bed and fall asleep to the sound of joeys yelling and beating on the bathroom door to his room.



Dereks P.O.V (guess you weren’t expecting this either xD)


I am laying on my bed with Nico, Andy, Jarod and Griff watching titanic and singing along to all the songs laughing and just having fun like we used to but it all changed when they starred in that stupid movie called another gay movie but now I have them back and they are just as crazy as they used to be and ive missed them more than I could ever try to explain.



Joey Graceffas P.O.V



I am kicking and scream at the door when I hear soft snoring so I go back downstairs and pound on Sawyer before saying


“did you have anything to do with this?”


sawyer looks at me doe eyed and says


“No it was all Caspars idea”


then my phone starts ringing so I pick it up and hear Shane say



“Joey she-she s-stabbed me when I told her I was dating you..........


AN/ forgot to put this AN on yesterday but who ever is the first to guess who stabbed Shane will get a dedicatioin in the next chapter, it isn´t lisa and i wont update till at least one of you try and guess who stabbed Shane 

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