he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


2. Nicks place and saying goodbye to them

Matthews P.O.V


I drove Derek and Steve back to the hotel and then drove Nick back to his apartment and when he steps out off the car a young girl runs out and over to him and he swings her around laughing and smiling then he puts her down again and turns to me the smile never leaving his face and says


“this is my sister Natasha and idk what she is doing here in LA”


Natasha looks at us smiling softly before saying


“i came here because mom kicked me out and Corey and Cameron didn´t have a spear-room that I could stay in so yeah here I am”


then Nick starts crying and hugs Natasha before saying


“they found out didn´t they I should of never kissed Bryan!”


she then whispers something in his ear making him relax before saying


“how are Corey and Cameron doing in the Army?”


Natasha smiles widely and says


“they are doing great and they are both getting deployed to Iraq I think”


I look at nick confused before saying


“who are Cameron and Corey?”


then nick says


“they are mine and Natashas older brothers”


I then nod and shuffle my feet a little until nick and Natasha grab my arms and drag me inside nicks apartment and they both push me down on the sofa and Natasha push nick down next to me and tell us to stay there as she runs into a room and comes out dragging to army guys after her then Nick gets up and jumps on the tallest off them crying and Natasha hugs the one that’s a few inches taller than her crying and then the to army guys looks at me and then glares before the tallest one says

“who are you?”


I then answer slightly scared


“i´m Matthew lush and I was in Disneyland with Nicholas”


then the smaller army man says


“okay don´t be scared we just want to be able to look out for nick and Tasha even though we are being deployed to Iraq”


then Natasha starts sobbing and runs into the tallest of the guys arms and he cradles her like a baby also crying and softly says


“Tasha we are coming back I promise ill do my best to come home alive and in one piece okay”


Natasha keeps crying and shakes her head before saying


“i don´t want you guys to leave me”


then both the army guys sigh and makes nick hold Natasha, then they both kiss nick and tashas cheeks and leave the apartment and nick hold a crying and trashing Natasha who is screaming for her older brothers to come back to her I then walk over to nick and peck his cheek before saying


“i´m sorry nick I better get home but it was nice hanging with you”


then nick walks to the bathroom and lock Natasha inside it before going over to me and holding my waist before kissing me and after he pulls away he says


“you don´t have to go she gets like this every time they get deployed”


I look at him questionably, before he pulls me down on the couch and he sits criss cross apple sauce on the couch so I do the same so we are sitting across from each other, then he looks into my eyes and says


"i´m sorry she always gets like this because off what happened the first time they got deployed"

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