he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


14. Lets fall in love all over again sneak peak

I get into my car after holding the door open for Matt, my smile almost permanently etched onto my face as i get into the driver seat, driving home too myself with Matt, i make small talk most of the way with him as we catch each other up on what have been happening in our lives since "the" day, i smile softly happy that he have found a guy that treats him well and makes him feel special and who makes him blush and i know in my heart that he is happy for me too, but i just can't stop thinking about all our late night talks and the way he would cuddle me when i'm sad, but that's the past and i know it so why does it hurt so bad that im not the one he says i love you too anymore, god i wish i could tell him that i still love him but no i can't be the one that wreaks his relationship, that would be the worst thing ever and then i definitely won't ever get Matt back.....i shake my head to clear my thoughts and park the car and get out and quickly hold Matt's door open for him as he seems to blush and get out and i close it after him and lead him to the elevator as we go up to my apartment, Matt smiles and says something i don't hear so i just nod and look at the ground feeling stupid for thinking so much about him, when a large lady walks into the elevator pressing me up against Matt and he instantly wraps his arms around me making me feel safer than i have in a long time.....

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