The Unique Girls

Four different unique girls became famous because of their Music Teacher, but wait theirs Parents and Adopted Parents are famous too. Will they be more than their parents? Will they stay stronger? Find out!


5. Chapter 5

Becca POV 

We stayed over at my house, that day. We didn't really sleep. We just talked and talked and talked. "So," I said, munching on a bag of potato chips,"Do you think we should tell our parents?" 

"Well, I don't know, really. I mean, they might get mad at us,"Brooke replied.

Oh sorry let me caught you guys well every has changed I mean, that Ariel and I find out that we're indentical twins awesome right. Anyways, we're a big hit like our parents, but they don't know who we are. Our parent has been getting a little bit suspicious.

Oh yeah I forgot Brooke and I are closer then ever we can tell secrets to each other and joke around too, also Raven and Ariel. Now, back to the story. 

"Yeah, we can not tell our parents like they will found out some how! And we'd also would have to miss school at times too," Raven said.

"Ooh, I do love missing school," Ariel said, "But in all seriousness, think of how much money we would make! That IS if people like us if we even come out as a band." 

"I'm sure that they will,but I think our parents won't get mad like will supported us our dreams," I said re-assuringly. 

"Yeah, they might you're right Bec. And I really think that we should come out because.. Don't you think that the fans would like? I think we can do it who's in?" Raven said.

"We're in!" We replied.

First, we needed to make a list what we needed for important stuff for the band:

(1) Hired a musicians 

(2) Hired a body graud

(3) Get a designer/hair 

(4) New styles

(5) Inspiration to the fans 

(6) Pictures

(7) Albums

(8) Records

(9) Hired a choreographer

(10) Get fans to like us

(12) Tell the fans on twitter

(13) Tell our parents

After we got finished we decided to play a game called the Just Dance 2014.


"BEC, calm down before the neighbors think I'm slaughtering a bull, in here! Anyways, girls, so here's the thing.. How about we can tell Uncle Simon about getting us a records label, and.." 

Ari didn't even have to finish the sentence, she just jumped right in! 

"Oh my God, I think is good idea tell Uncle Simon! We have to do it, I ain't taking no for an answer!" 

"Great, because I was thinking the same thing!! I mean, think about it! We could be on Ellen Show!" The girls agreed.

The thought was just too much to digest! "Becca, what about you what you think I mean, it would be a great deal for us, right!?" Brooke said.

"Yeah, we all can do it!" I said to her. 

"Hey, we tell our parents now in the morning, I mean, come on! It's great!" Ariel replied in a sort of prideful tone.

"Hold on, I'm going to get uncle Simon on the on cellphone.." Raven quickly dialed her number. 

"Hey, ' you speaking to Mr. Simon?" We heard Simon voice. "Hey,uncle, you're on conference with Brooke, Ari, Bec, and I." "Good, so you guys.. You girls was thinking about that offer you girls your very first label," He stated to say. 

"Yeah, Uncle Simon it's a yes getting a record label!" Brooke said smiley gratefully. 

"Good, girls y'all are starting on Friday don't forget it." 

"That Great, Thank You so much uncle Simon you do this for us thank you for having on faith on us!" I said.

"No, thank you for coming my SYCO Records. Night girls" He said as he hung up. 

"Okay, in the morning were going to ours parents straight no hold backs ok?" I said. 

"Yeah, can't wait?" Brooke said sarcastically . 

"Its either that, or never get famous," Ariel replied.

"Something tells me that it will be alright." I said.

"Would someone please give her a round of applause!" Brooke said in utter sarcasm, something that she was very proud of knowing how to use. 

"Haha, very funny.." I said, she made that 'imma slap you if you take this any further' face. 

"Suck it, Bec." She threw in, two seconds later. 

"Oh my God, Bec and Brooke! Calm it!!" Raven said.

"Fine, okay love you Bec.." She replied. We always joke each other around. 

"Love you too Brookie!" I said.

"Yall are weird sometimes." Ariel said. "You just jealous because we're awesome and you not!" We all said at the exact same time.. That's kinda weird, but its our thing!

"Okay, settled down, then. We can do this together no matter what." Raven said. 

"Yup, we can do it!" I said excitedly. "Yeah, I'm cool with that." Brooke added. 

"Great, we'll do it together, tomorrow. See ya in the morning my lovelies." Ariel said.

"Night!" We replied as we crashed.

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