The Dragons of Japan

A spate of mysterious deaths. Sightings of a mythological creature. Something is terrorising Feudal Japan, and how is it linked to a desperate struggle for survival in a distant galaxy?


13. The Brightest of Lights

General Yuu could only watch on in horror as the Doctor and the dragon flew into that maelstrom of light. Sure nothing could survive that...


"Greseer, keep yourself steady!" The Doctor wasn't at all convinced this was a good idea, but as they entered the rift, he attempted to stand up. He hadn't expected to surf a dragon when the day started, and he would have preferred less dangerous circumstances, but nevertheless, it was something else to tick off his bucket list.

"Be... careful." The deep voice of Greseer rumbled.

"Yes, I plan on it." Replied the Doctor, a little sardonically. He stood up straight, and could feel himself being buffeted by waves of untempered time energy, snapping at him and making him wince. This mode of travel had to hurt Greseer too, but he didn't show any discomfort.

"Right, let's begin then!" The Doctor raised his screwdriver, and it started to whir. The swirling multi-coloured lines around them started to bunch together, and started to swim toward the breach.

"Too slow, too slow..." The Doctor muttered to himself.

He could sense the collapse of time and space, and with it the impending death of two worlds. More strands of energy clumped together, but his hastily improvised plan was hardly a substitute for the original one. For every part of the breach he sealed, three more seemed to unravel. Time, something he'd made it his business to understand thoroughly, was against him in more ways than one.

"Come on come on!" He implored, willing the plan to work. His hope was dwindling though.


"Aaaaaaaaaaahyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Clara couldn't help but let out an undignified scream as the TARDIS shuddered, seemingly in every direction at once. She wasn't sure what worried her more - the unknown destination or the unstable manner of travel.

Then something changed. The TARDIS stopped its infernal shaking. It started to make its distinctive thrumming sound, and Clara could see something take shape...


"Oh no no no no no!" The Doctor could see the walls of the TARDIS start to materialise around him, and instantly he couldn't help but think that Greseer was going to be ever-so-slightly too big to fit inside the control room. "Greseer, fly, leave me! Go, now!" The Doctor jumped, and Greseer did as asked. That was one problem dealt with.


There he was, coming into focus, slowly at first, then finally the Doctor was there, fully formed and safe within the TARDIS - Clara smiled, but the Doctor smouldered.

"What the hell are you doing?!" He exclaimed, marching up to her. Clara felt a moment of fear (the Doctor, for all his quirks, was a mysterious alien time traveler after all), but that swiftly gave way to anger of her own.

"Saving your hide mister!" She retorted tartly. "The TARDIS went berserk and brought me to you. It's a good thing it did as I asked!"

"You brought a great big vortex powerhouse into an unstable time rift! Right, good, because I wanted a dangerous new variable! First Greseer, now you, thank you!"

Clara pouted. "How was I supposed to know it would be dangerous? And hang on, I thought you had a plan?"

"I did have a plan, until Greseer showed up and his time travel device ripped it apart. Now I have nothing."

Clara walked up to him, and took his hand. "That's not true Doctor. You have me. There must be something we can do."

The Doctor looked at her, and smiled thinly. "Oh Clara, there isn't anything, not this time. Although..." The light returned to his eyes. "Well, it's by far and away the most dangerous plan, and Clara, if we try this, I can't do anything to protect you."

She squeezed his hand. "I don't need protecting Doctor. Whatever you need to do, we'll do it together."

The Doctor's smile widened. "Clara Oswald, prepared to dive into death with me... Right!" His mood changed in an instant, as it often did. "See that lever on the console, rotate it three times - only three! Quickly!"

Clara almost leaped to the console, and started to do as asked. "What about Greseer? Isn't he still out there?"

The Doctor ran to the other side of the console and started punching buttons. "Yes, but he has his time travel device, he should be... oh no..."

"What is Doctor?" Clara finished rotating the lever and looked up at him, worried.

"Greseer's time device... it will completely disrupt what the TARDIS needs to do... This isn't good, not good at all..." He sprinted around the console, pulled down a screen and started tapping at the keyboard in front of it. "Greseer, can you hear me? I need to ask something of you... and I'm sorry, but it's a doozy..."


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