The Tomlinson Project


1. The Project

The strong scent of Coffee and Achocol intoxicated my nose as I quickly fumbled around to get dressed and ready to go to college.

If I didn't remember anything from the night before, I consider it a good night, if you know what I mean.

I stepped outside, the bitter air hitting my face.

'Shit, I'm going to be late.' I mumble under my breath as I look at my watch.

I begin to jog around the corner and rush in to my lecture.

'I noticed Madison..' Sir says walking past me.

'Nothing gets by you,' I chuckle as he gives me a sheet.

'Madison, you have to start taking things seriously, I have a lot of hope in you as you are one of my prized students.'

I shrug and read the sheet.


Your project for the next few months for Filmography is start making a film about Fame, and how it can change people.

You have all been assigned with a certain Celebrity, some we could get in to actually interview and stay with and unluckily some haven't.

Madison, you have been assigned with || Louis Tomlinson ||

We have arranged for you to stay with him and live with him for the next few months and get to know his life and ask questions, the whole project will go towards your final grade for Filmography.

I wish you the best of luck.


I roll my eyes, I loathed the band One Direction and hated them so much, all the prissy high school girls and college girls would fawn over them while I had a deep hatred for them, I guess I've never really been a fan of mainstream sort of music.

' know I hate them, why did you?' and then I shush myself.

I should take the opportunity. Not many people get this sort of opportunity so I should be grateful, I guess.

'We shall be starting right away, your celebrities are waiting for you in the hall.' Sir said looking at me.

I take a deep breath, get up and carry my messenger bag with my camera and begin to walk to my intimate doom.

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