The Tomlinson Project


2. Meeting The 'Man' Himself

As I walk in to the hall, a flock of girls crowd Louis.

I stand there cross armed.

'Why did I decide to this?' I ask myself in my head.

I finally decided to stop the commotion,

'Hello?' I walk towards him getting closer with every step.

'Louis Tomlinson?' I get through the crowd of girls.

'You must be Madison?' He smirks as he shakes my hands.

'They didn't tell me you were ever so pretty.' He smiles again.

My cheeks begin to flush a deep red.

'Shut up Lover Boy, I'm here to do a Assignment and your going to help me, don't expect me to be one of those rabid fangirls.' I say sharply, narrowing my eyes and taking his hand off my hand.

'And Feisty too, I like it, trust me by the end of this you'll fall in love with me.' He smiles trying to get closer to me.

'I highly doubt it,' I sarcastically smile and then step back again.

'So you've packed right? Where are your bags?' He asks me.

'Well I haven't exactly packed, I was wondering would you be able to come back at my apartment and wait-'

'Im sorry, I can't do that, but I can buy you a new wardrobe for the year you'll be living with me?'

'Im living with you for a fucking year?!' I shout,

'How the hell will I survive for that long with such a idiot like you?' I say looking back at him.

He frowns.

'Come on, I'm not all that bad, you hardly know me, this whole project is to getting to know Celebrities and how they act and what there really like.' He smiles, putting a hand on my shoulder.

After a while and when all my lectures had finished, I met him back at the hall.

'Ready to go meet the rest of the band?'

I look at him.

'Not really to be honest.'

He gives me a look that's like, you have no choice in the matter.

'I mean- Of course I am!' I give him a sarcastic full tooth grin and then he drags me to the car,talking about all the apparent fun I'm going to have.

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