Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


2. Meeting Him

"You guys are funny" I giggle. I wonder why he even took me and Liz inside? "I know I am" he winked back. Liz went off to talk with Zayn as she is a Zayn girl. I could hear her literally drooling. "Hey louis, why'd you let us in anyway? Were just fans" I asked. "Yeah, beautiful fans" he said. I couldn't believe louis tomlinson, in the most popular boy band in the world, called me beautiful. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you jut said that! Why would you ever think that?" I gushed. Oops I said that aloud. "Well, I don't want to quote one of my songs, so I'll just say that you are a stunner babe" he replied. I blushed. I heard Paul come over and tell them they were on in 10. Wasn't I supposed to be out in the audience? "Louis, I'm just a fan. When do I go back to my seat?" I asked. "Not yet babe" he smirked.

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