Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


1. Getting ready

"If you're going to insult me for liking them, go home James." I said sarcastically. "Alright babe, see you after the concert. Call me when it's over, love you!" He called as he walked out your bedroom door. "Love you too James" you yelled after him. I was getting ready to see my favourite band-ONE DIRECTION!! Me and my bestie Liz were going, and I had soundcheck tickets! We had been waiting for ages to go. Suddenly there was a knock on your bedroom door. "Hey Liz, concerts in two hours! I'm stoked!" You said, opening the door. "I know I hope Niall waves at me! I'd die!" She said, doing the 'hand to the forehead' motion. She's so weird! "Don't worry baby girl if he doesn't I'll find him and give him a word or too" I say with a smartass tone. We spent the next hour and a half getting ready, packing our bags, making sure to put the posters hidden at the bottom. At 6:45, we leave the house and start walking to the arena, all jumpy and exited. When we arrive we spot the boys in the back surrounded by a tall fence. We are the only fans here!! "Louis I love you!" I call out, and he turns. "I get that a lot" he says sarcastically. OMG HES ACTUALLY TALKING TO ME! "Stay there" Louis said and started walking over. When he got there, he took out his phone and quickly texted someone. "Follow me girls" he said so we followed him into the gate and backstage. This was awesome! "You're very pretty babe" he comments. You turned bright pink. "Thank you, uh, louis" I squeak. "I didn't catch your name" "oh it's Danielle" I say. I can't believe I'm actually talking to Louis Tomlinson! "Nice name babe" Harry calls out from behind us. We turn to face him. "Aye she's mine Hazza back off" he says defensively. "Alright alright chill tommo! She's gorgeous" he turns away and leaves us.

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