Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


11. Dinner- louis Pov

Louis Pov:

I saw Danielle gazing at the sign, that said 'la belle'. I wonder if she knew the translation?

I walked up to her, and whispered in her ear "I chose it for you, beautiful." I saw her cheeks go Bright red and then she turned, "I'm not beautiful" she replied, with a determined expression.

I sighed, why do girl always think that about themselves? It's like the most gorgeous girls think that they're ugly! It's so stupid! It's so obvious that they're beautiful!

"Hurry up lads" Liam called from behind me, and we all walked forward, into 'la belle'.

We all say down at our reserved table and the waitress came over. "Hello I'm Georgia and I'll be your waitress this evening, here are your menus and your complimentary champagne" she said as she passed out the menus and champagne.

I noticed Danielle staring sadly at our waitress. She was wearing a tight black dress with black eyeliner and a deep red lipstick. She was pretty, but not gorgeous like Danielle.

Danielle slouched down a little, looking in the window at her reflection. I stared into the window too, and she caught my eye. I mouthed "you're beautiful" and winked at her.

Danielle say up again, and we started ordering. "Seafood salad please" Liam said, getting a nod from Georgia. "Deluxe hamburger please" Harry said, "Me too" me and Zayn said.

"I want a full seasoned roast chicken, large chips, a pepperoni pizza and spaghetti" Niall stated. Danielle have him a look and I started laughing, along with the other boys. "What" Niall said very innocently. We all giggled and then Danielle ordered "a small margarita pizza please", the cheapest item on the menu.

"Are you serious?" I leant over to her ear and whispered. "What!" Danielle exclaimed. "You chose the cheapest item on the menu! Danielle I can buy you anything!" I said into her ear.

She sighed, then said "it's fine it's just- I don't want to be rude and I'm not 'that' hungry anyway..." I rolled my eyes and the waitress left.

"So what's it like being a fan of us Dani?" Harry asked. "Pretty annoying actually." She replied. "What!" Harry exclaimed.

"I was joking gosh Harry! Being a fan is awesome, except that you usually don't get to meet- well... -you guys!" She winked at him.

Ouch. That hurt. I'm jealous of Harry, my best friend. What is wrong with me! I was the one that asked her here, so I'm sure they were just having fun.

I saw our waitress come over holding Zayn, Harry and my burger. She laid them down In front of us and scurried away. Out waitress then returned with Liam and Danielle's meal, then walked off.

"WHAT ABOUT ME! IM HUNGRY TOO!" Niall screamed. Oh my gosh Liam's going to get so pissed!

"Niall, use your manners! You ordered heaps so you have to wait. Stop being so rude!" Liam hissed at him. Not as much trouble as I thought he'd get into, lucky Niall.

The waitress came back 5 minutes later with Niall's food and Niall immediately started eating it all.

After we were all finished I paid the bill and we all walked over to our car that was just outside the restaurant.

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