Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


6. Concert

Danielle's Pov:

Louis led me out on to the stage causing a whole lot of confusion and screaming from the girls. Why is he doing this?

"HELLO SYDNEYY" Louis yelled, causing even more screaming. How does he put up with this?

"I have someone for you to meet, DANIELLE" he said. The girls started yelling hate at me, I guess this is what Louis wanted! I started to cry.

"Who do you think you guys are?" Louis screamed. The arena went silent. "WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS? STOP ALL THE HATE!" He yelled tears in his eyes.

I finally spoke "Lou, I'm so-"

"Don't say you're sorry. You are beautiful and they have no right to upset you" he cut me off.

Louis listened in to his red earpiece, nodding and then leading me off stage.

"Go to your seat Danielle, they will lead you," he said, pointing to some guards "I'll see you after the show" he winked.

"This way m'am" the guards said. I followed them to my seat, sat, and enjoyed the concert.

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