Counting Stars (Nico Di Angelo Fanfiction)

Cira Evans, aged 13, has been bullied all her life. She's not called ugly. No. But she's called a freak. She can see demons, well, that's what she says. she's the only one that sees them. These demons mean death or fear. Eventually, one thing leads to another and she ends up at Camp Half-blood, and finally, there's someone who sees what she sees...


2. I'm a what now?!

*Cira's POV*


When I woke up I was in what seemed to be a Hospital. I sat up groggily to see a girl about 16 with curly blond hair and grey eyes sitting in front of me. She was pretty, she wore some light denim jeans and an orange t-shirt with 'camp half-blood' written on it. Camp Half-blood... Memories flashed in my mind...




"My names Annabeth Chase. Mind me asking what's yours?"


"Cira. Cira Evans... Where-"


"A camp. Here take this it'll help." She handed me a drink which looked suspiciously like apple juice.


"Don't worry it's not poisoned." She smiled. I'm beginning to like this girl. I put the straw to my lips and I tasted the taste of my mum's home made apple and cinnamon muffins, fresh from the oven. Before I knew it I had finished.


"How did I get here?" I asked quietly.


"Well you were just outside the border of camp, screaming. From what Nico said, he said you were screaming at demons." An image of Allen popped in my head.


"Allen! Do you know if he's okay?" I asked rather loudly, earning a surprised look from the blonde haired girl.


"Allen Woods?" She asked. I nodded furiously.


"Oh... He... didn't make it... " I silently plazed a hand over my mouth and my eyes filled with tears.


"Hey it's okay. you'll have more friends then ever once you get out and start training."


"Training?" I asked whipping my eyes with my palm.


"I'll explain later but we should ge-"


"Where's my guitar! Allen got that for me." She jumped at my sudden outburst.


"Oh a friend of mine is fixing it. You kind of fell on it and it broke. But don't worry it's in good hands." She added the last part when she saw the horrified look on my face.


"Here, use some of my clothes because yours need a wash." She handed me a hoodie and some black skinny jeans. "They'll be a bit big, but they're better than nothing, am I right?" She joked and I cracked a smile.

"Thanks." I got up and walked to the bathroom, which Annabeth showed me. I took one look in the Mirror and was horrified. I had dark circles under my eyes and a cut on my left cheek from when I fell. When I took off my jeans I had some bruises down my legs. I sighed and got dressed. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair, slipping my beanie and shoes back on. I left the bathroom and walked back over to Annabeth who was talking to a blonde hair boy. She noticed my presence and waved the taller boy off.


"C'mon lets go see the camp director." I followed Annabeth out the door way and outside. The weather was nice, to nice. I groaned and glared at the sun. Following Annabeth, we reached a blue house and entered. the floors and walls where wooden and had a lot of quirky paintings and furniture. Cool... We got to a room, which I'm guessing was a lounge room,  a boy, one who looked familiar and a-


"Centaur!" I hid behind Annabeth. An actual centaur, okay seeing demons, fine, but now a centaur!


"Sleeping beauty awakes." Annabeth laughed.


"You-You're a-a-a-"


"Centaur my dear. My names Chiron, I am the director for this camp."


"Hi... Um... how long was I asleep for?..." I whispered, still clinging on to the back of Annabeths shirt.


"Three days." My eyes widened. Three day... my mum must be worried sick!


"We have informed your mum that you are here. Now I believe Annabeth has told you what you are?" I gave him a confused look.


"N-no sir..."


"I'll have to explain, sit down dear- oh and this is Nico di Angelo." He gestured to the boy on the couch. He had shaggy black hair, pale skin and was wearing a big aviator jacket with black jeans and a black t-shirt. He moved over so Annabeth and I could sit down.


"Chiron, sir... Why am I here?"


"Well have you ever heard of the Greek gods?" He asked


"Like Hades and Poisidon?..." Chiron nodded.


"Well this may come a shock, and I may sound crazy, but they're really." Everyone was watching me intently to see how I react.


"From what I've seen... It's not hard to believe..." I whispered and shifted my gaze to the floor. Chiron hummed and continued.


"Sometimes the gods come down and have children with mortals, these are called demigods, half human/ half god." I nodded to say I was listening.


"And you are a demigod. We're not sure what god's your parent but all we know is that you are a special demigod. Annabeth and Nico are demigods too."


"Who your godly parents?" I asked them.


"Athena." Annabeth smiled.


"Hades..." Nico looked away as if waiting for something.


"Wait a minute...." I studied Nico... "You were the one who did the earth quake-y thingy! that was cool!" I said in shock, which caught him by surprise.


"Thanks... I guess."He turned his gaze to the floor. Wait... I turned to look at Chiron. Grey hair and beard, dark brown eyes the only person  I knew who looked like that was-


"Mr Brunner?..." I asked, more than slightly confused. He laughed.


"Good to know my top student remembers me! Anyway, I have some good news," I nodded my head and he continued. "Allen Woods was a satyr, meaning-"

"He was reincarnated!" My eyes light up. He nodded and pointed to a small pot in the corner of the room.


"A moon lily... they're my favourite." I whispered.


"Very beautiful Indeed. When you get claimed we'll plant him outside your cabin. Now Annabeth a word? and Nico, would you mind showing miss Evans around?"  He nodded and stood up and walked to the door, gesturing me to follow. I waved back at Chiron and Annabeth before shutting the door. There was a silence and we walked in the dirction of a bunch of cabins.


"Um Nico?.. When will I know who my father is?..."
"We don't know, it can vary from days to months to years...Sorry" I shook my head in an 'it's okay' manner and we continued walking. The silence was broken once again when we reached the cabins.


"So these are the cabins, each one resembles a god or goddess. So who ever you get claimed by-"


"What's that cabin over there?" I cut him off, pointed to a very cosy looking cabin.


"That's the cabin for Apollo." Looking round at the two rings of cabins I began to wonder if I would fit in.


"Excuse me?" A boy probably a couple of years older than me ran up to us.


"You're Cira Evans right?" I nodded. The boy had curly brown hair, chocolate eyes and elfish features.


"Here's your guitar, Annabeth told- asked me to fix it." He corrected himself and handed me my guitar.


"Thank you..." I slung the bag over my shoulder, ggiving him a questioning look.

"Leo Valdez at your service." He extended a hand for me to shake, and I happily obliged. I looked back over to the cabin which was now glowing bright gold.


"I wouldn't look if I were you. Some people have gone blind." Leo chuckled and put a hand over his eyes, protecting them from the light.

"I've stared at the sun for hours and not gone blind, I think I'll be fine."  I joked quietly when a horn blew in the distance.


"C'mon dinner time." Leo pushed Nico and I in the direction of the horn.

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