Bad Boy Harry Styles

Alexandra Phoenix is a 19 year old girl who has a little brother called Cooper and a mum called Jane. She has a best friend called Holly and they've been best friends since yr 1. Alexandra and Holly come across a bad boy's group when they were walking out of starbucks.


2. Chapter Two

The next morning I woke up to my brother jumping on my bed, I looked at my alarm clock and it was 10:00, "Sissy wake up" Cooper said jumping up and down, "Ok I'm getting up" I said and then I grabbed him and tickled him, "No sissy" he said giggling, then I stopped and got up off my bed and I told Cooper to go to mummy, I went in my bathroom to have a shower, when I finished I got out and wrapped a towel around me and went in my room to get changed then put my phone in my pocket, I went downstairs and saw mum making breakfast, I sat at the table next to Cooper, "Morning love" mum said putting my breakfast in front of me and kissing my cheek, "Morning mum" I said smiling and eating, "Hello sissy" Cooper said eating his cereal, "Hello little Coopy" I said poking his stomach and he giggled, "So Alex what are you doing today" mum said taking a seat opposite me and Cooper, "Oh yeah I almost forgot, I'm gonna hang out with Holly" I said remembering that I was see Harry and the boys with Holly but I'm not gonna tell mum, "Oh great, well I'm gonna take Cooper the park or something" mum said smiling, "Yaaay mummy, park" Cooper said bouncing in his seat, me and mum laughed, "Well I'm gonna sit in the lounge room and wait for Holly because she's picking me up" I said taking my plate, Coopers and mums plate and putting them in the sink, "Alright then" mum said smiling and I went in the lounge room and sat on the couch, "Alright Coopy, you ready to go to the park" mum said grabbing her keys, "Yes mummy" he said jumping up and down, "Ok let’s go" mum said picking him up, "Bye love" she kissing me on the cheek, "Bye mum" I said, "Bye sissy" Cooper said reaching out to me, I grabbed him and kissed his cheek, "Bye Coopy" I said giving him back to mum and they walked out the door, then my phone rang in my pocket, I took it out and it was Harry. I felt the butterflies in my stomach, I pressed answer


Alex: Hello


Harry: Hello beautiful, are you still coming, we’ll meet you at Starbucks


Alex: Yeah I'm waiting for Holly to come, she should be here in 3mins


Harry: Ok well I'll see you then, bye babe


Alex: Bye Harry


Then we hung up, I heard a honk outside knowing it was Holly, I walked out the door and locking it then I walked to her car and got in, "Hey Holly" I said smiling, "Hey, hey" she said smiling back, she started the car and drove off to Starbucks.


When we got there we got out and she locked the car then we walked in Starbucks, "There they are" Holly said pointing to where she was looking at and we saw them sitting at the table, "Hey guys" we said, I sat next to Harry and Holly sat next to Niall, "Hey" they said back and Harry held my hand, "So should we get going then" Louis said standing, "Yeah lets go" Harry said and we all got up and left Starbucks, Harry was still holding my hand, "Where are we going" me and Holly said, "We're going to our other place" Louis said happily, "Where’s that" I said, "In the alley" Harry said and he wrapped his arm around waist, when we got there, there was other people with tattoos and piercings drinking alcohol, then there were a group of guys that came up to us, "Who’s this pretty girl" he said touching my cheek, then Harry stood in front of me and Niall pulled Holly behind him, "Don’t you dare touch her again Jake" Harry yelled and he looked pissed, all the guys look like they were gonna kill him and all of Jakes group laughed, "Well what are you gonna do about it" Jake said smirking, "Just don’t touch her or her friend" Harry said through gritted teeth, "Oh she has friend" Jake laughed and so did his group, "Shut up Jake and leave" Louis yelled, me and Holly were scared, Jake went to grab me but Harry him and punched him in the face, "I said don’t fucking touch her" Harry yelled and his eyes turned a darker shade of red, Liam and Louis pulled me back behind them, then Jake got up and left with his group, "I'm sorry about that Alex" Harry said hugging me and kissing me on the cheek, "Its ok" I said hugging him back, "Are you ok" Holly and the guys said, "Yeah I'm fine" I said smiling and Harry pulled back, "Why don’t we just go somewhere else" Louis said still a bit mad, "Yeah lets go" Harry said and the guys said that we were going to their private park.


When we got there we sat on the seats, "Alex, I wanna ask you something" Harry said nervously, "Yeah sure" I said looking at him in the eyes, "I was wondering if you want to maybe be my girlfriend" he said looking down, "Yeah sure" I said smiling really big, "Really" he said grinning and I nodded, then he hugged me tightly and I hugged back and he crashed his lips onto mine, "Whooooooo" Holly and the guys wiggled their eyebrows, "Holly I was wondering if you want to be my girlfriend" Niall said, "Yes, yes, yes" she squealed and hugged him tightly and we all laughed, Niall looks like he's about to die, "Holly, you're gonna kill the poor boy" I said laughing and so were the guys, "Sorry" Holly said embarrassed and turning red, "Its ok love" Niall laughed and kissed her cheek, Harry has his arms around me and Niall has arms around Holly, we were just talking, laughing and Louis making jokes, these guys aren’t so bad and they're so funny, now I'm happy with Harry.


I thought I'd write another chapter, so here it is:)

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