Bad Boy Harry Styles

Alexandra Phoenix is a 19 year old girl who has a little brother called Cooper and a mum called Jane. She has a best friend called Holly and they've been best friends since yr 1. Alexandra and Holly come across a bad boy's group when they were walking out of starbucks.


3. Chapter Three

"Hey guys, what’s the time" I asked looking at them,


"Um, its 3:30" Louis said looking at his phone,


"Thanks" I said smiling at him, and he smiled back,


"Hey, let’s go to a club or something" Niall said looking at us,


"Yeah, how about that" Harry said, the guys looked at each other nodding,


"What about you love" Harry said kissing my cheek, I looked at Holly, and she nodded, I raised my eyebrows,


"Um yeah" I said nodded,


"Great" the guys shouted, me and Holly laughed,


"Ok, well me and Holly will go home and get changed" I said and Holly nodded,


"Ok, I'll walk you home" Harry said grabbing my hand and pulling me up, I nodded,


"I'll walk you home love" Niall said grabbing Holly's hand and pulling her up, she nodded and blushed,


"Ok, we'll see you guys later" Louis said,


"Yeah, bye" I said, me and Holly gave the guys a hug and I went with Harry towards my house and Holly went with Niall.


We got to the front of my house, "Well, I'll just wait outside then" Harry said scratching the back of his neck,


"No, you don’t have to, you can come inside" I said looking in his emerald green eyes, they were so beautiful, I opened the door and pulled him inside,


"I'M HOME" I shouted, "SISSY" I heard my little brother squeal and came running over to me, I picked him up and spun him around while he giggled, I kissed his cheek and put him down, he giggled,


"Where’s mummy" I said ruffling his curly hair, "She’s in the kitchen" he said running off to play with his toys, I laughed,


"He’s so cute, what’s his name" Harry said from behind me, "His name is Cooper, he’s 4" I said laughing, I grab his hand and pulled him to the kitchen where I saw mum washing the dishes,


"Hey mum" I said kissing her cheek, she turned around,


"Hey love, who’s this young man" she said looking at Harry,


"Mum, this is Harry, Harry this is my mum Jane" I said introducing them,


"Hello Harry" my mum said shaking his hand and looking at his tattoos and piercings,


"Hello Jane" Harry said politely, my mum looked impressed at Harrys politeness,


"Mum, I'm going out tonight, is that alright" I said looking at her,


"Where are you going" mum asked raising her eyebrows,


"Just going to Harry's house, his friends are gonna be there, Holly’s going too" I said, "I'll be back tomorrow" I added,


"Well, ok then, be safe" mum said kissing my cheek, I gave mum the look, I saw Harry looking amused and trying not to laugh,


"Mum, I'm 19" I complained, mum rolled her eyes smiling, "Oh shush" she said pinching my cheeks, I groaned, Harry laughed and I rolled my eyes at him,


"I'm gonna get my stuff ready" I walking upstairs to my room with Harry following me, I walked into my room and started packing my stuff,


"Nice room" Harry said looking around my room, "Thanks, it’s not that good" I said, he laughed,


"You can change at my house" Harry said wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and kissing the back of my neck, sending chills down my back, I nodded and walked to the bathroom and quickly changed into some purple jeans and a white t-shirt, I walked out and put my white converses on, I grabbed my stuff and Harry's hand and walked downstairs,


"Bye mum" I said hugging her and kissing her cheek,


"Bye love" she said hugging me back and kissing my forehead, I walked into the lounge room to see Cooper playing with his toy cars,


"Bye Coopy, I'll see you tomorrow" I said picking him up and kissing his cheek,


"Where you going" he pouted, I put him back down "I'm going to Harrys house" I said pointing to him, Cooper looked a bit scared, Harry bent down to his height, "Hello little man, I'm Harry" he said poking Cooper's stomach, he giggled making Harry smile, "Well, I'll see you next time" Harry said ruffling Cooper's curls making him giggle, "Bye Sissy" he said hugging my legs, "Bye Coopy" I said kissing his forehead, then he ran back to his toy cars, me and Harry walked out the door, I closed it behind me, we walked down the stairs on our way to Harry's house, it’s not far from my house, he grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers, he kissed my cheek, I looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back and kissed my nose, we walked, talking about stuff and there were kisses here and there, it was the best feeling ever.


another chapter, hope you like it:)


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