Bad Boy Harry Styles

Alexandra Phoenix is a 19 year old girl who has a little brother called Cooper and a mum called Jane. She has a best friend called Holly and they've been best friends since yr 1. Alexandra and Holly come across a bad boy's group when they were walking out of starbucks.


6. Chapter Six

We arrived at the club in 20 mins, we all got out of the Liam’s car and the rest got out of Louis’ car, then walking inside.

It smelt bad like alcohol, there are sweaty bodies everywhere. I don’t know why I came, but I didn’t want to upset Harry. We all went and sat at a round table,


“What do you want to drink, love” Harry said.


“I’ll have whatever you’re having” I said smiling.


“Ok” he said smiling and left to get the drinks for everyone too, after they ordered.


"I'm just going to go to the bathroom" I said to everyone. All I heard was 'ok' from everyone.


I got up and walked to the bathroom, as I walked, someone grabbed my arm. I turned and saw someone I didn't want to see. Jake.


"Hey sexy, want to sit with me and my friends?"


"Uh no thanks" I said trying to get out of his grip. He came close to my face.


"Aww, why not" he said, his breath reeked of alcohol.


"I-" but I was cut off from someone pulling Jake off me and pulling me close to the strong body with an arm wrapped around me.


"JAKE, WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT TOUCHING HER" Harry shouted. Thank god he's here, I'm so happy to see him. I wrapped my arms around his waist burying my head in his chest.


"Aww, come on Harry, I'm just having some fun with the lady" he said stumbling on his feet.


"Fucking leave her alone" Harry shouted, I looked up at him and his eyes changed a dark colour. Fuck, that's scary.


I got out of his arms and went behind him gripping his t shirt.

Out of no where, Harry got out of my grip and smashed Jake in the face. I pulled him back wrapping my arms around his waist.


"Harry, come on" I said pulling him away from a passed out Jake.


We were almost at the table when he pulled me to face him.


"Are you ok love?" he asked, pulling me close to his chest, I looked up at him. He looked down at my arm and saw the bruise that Jake left on my arm. Harry's eyes turned dark and he growl and turned back to where Jake was still out. I pulled him to face me.


"I'm ok Harry, my arm doesn't hurt that much" I said reassuring him. Trust me, it hurts like a fucking bitch. I just didn't want him to worry too much.

He cupped my cheeks in his hands and looked me in the eyes.


"Are you sure bub" he said kissing my forehead.


"Yes, I'm fine" I smiled kissing his cheek. One minute I was scared shitless, now I'm better that he's here with me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and mine around his neck. He smiled pecking my lips, "Ok"


We walked back to the others and sat down. Harry's arm is around my waist and we started drinking, talking and laughing. It was a great night so far.


We were all tired and decided to go home. Everyone went in the car they came in. We went in Liam's car and he dropped us off.


When we got back to Harry's we thanked Liam and went inside, he grabbed some clothes for me to change into, which consisted of grey sweats and a t shirt. Harry just wore grey sweats with no shirt, which I'm lovin' by the way. He noticed me looking and he winked at me. I smiled and rolled my eyes. We got in bed, his arm around my waist and my head buried in his chest and my arm around him.


"Good night love" he said kissing me.


"Good night Harryboo" I said kissing his cheek. He chuckled and we both fell asleep. I love this boy so much.


Finally updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if there's any mistakes, I was rushing it.


Thanks for reading:)

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