My baby

Alexis and Niall met at a club and exchanged phone numbers
He didn't hit her up to sleep with him or go on a date with her,
But when Niall is 19 and Alexis is only 16 what will happen


3. chapter 2

As my brother drove into the carpark of the Scary Canary, we got out and said our goodbyes and left for the front entrance, i checked my wallet to see if i still had my ID which i did and hopped at the end of the line

"Next"said the bouncer, as Ella and i took a step up he pinholed it and called next again

after waiting for 10 minutes our turn was up, we stood straight and acted like adults 

the bouncer punched a hole in our ticket and pointed us to the door, we walked off and giggled.

Inside the music was so loud you couldnt hear yourself talk, i grabbed Ella's hand and escorted her to the bar

"What'll it be ladies?" the bartender questioned

"Um... ill have a lemon martini and" I said looking over at Ella

"Oh haha ill have the um... rum with coke please" She asked politely

the bartender looked at us and smiled before quickly turning his back and making our drinks 

we turned our stools and looked over at all the people

i turned back around to see that our drinks were at our sides 

"$10.50 please" he said

"I'll pay" Said a man in an Irish accent, i smiled at him as he handed over the bill

"So girls... Whats your names, mines Niall" he said introducing himself

i giggled and said "Im Lexi and this is my friend Ella" 

Ella blushed and sipped her drink

"Mexi, thats a weird name" he said in the politest way

"No its Lexi!" i said laughing

"Ohh sorry" he said before forgetting quickly

he pulled me off my seat and said "Well May i have this dance"

i nodded and hopped out of my seat, walking towards the group of people

he put his hands around my waist and we started swaying along with the music

i couldnt help but smile as i looked up at the ruggish-blonde Irish sex god known as Niall Horan

i looked up at him just as he put his lips on my forhead, but instead on my lips, he slipped his tounge in my mouth as the music changed.

After the kiss finished we headed back over to see Ella with a man... A MAN

my Ella, a shy girl with a man!!

we walked up hand in hand and i looked at Niall

"Well, glad to see you've met our flirt" Niall laughed at his own joke

The flirt play punched Niall in the arm and tool out his hand

"Im Harry, the flirt as they say" he said sweetly

i looked at Niall smiled and shook Harry's hand

he looked at us and then at our hands together

"WOW, not even 1 hour here and you've already got one Nialls" Harrys said

Niall smiled proudly at Harry then looked at me and kissed the top of my head

*beep beep*

Ella looked down at her phone and her face dropped

"Lexi, mums coming home soon we have to go" 

i quickly pulled my phone and handed it to Niall to put his number in, he done the same 

i put my name as Mexi and gave it back to him

i took my phone and looked through my phone before seeing 

Sex God as my 5th contact, i laughed as Ella rushed out the door

i kissed Niall goodbye and waved to Harry

"Bye love" i heard Harry say, i looked back just as Niall gave Harry a whack in the stomach

i looked forward and kept running to catch up to Ella.

As i walked out the door i saw a taxi with Ella already in it telling the driver directions, i was about to get in when i felt a hand grab my arm

"I can drive" i heard Niall say

i shouted Ellas name and walked to Nialls car


Driving to my house my favourite song Royals came on, i reached the knob to turn it up and heard Niall singing under his breath "And we'll never be royal-al-al" he whispered

i laughed and joined

*15 minutes later*

"HERE" Ella yelled as Niall quickly turned the wheel towards her driveway

the car came to a stop and Ella hopped out, i leant over and gave Niall another kiss before joining Ella's side, i waved to Niall as he sped down the street in his Landrover

we walked inside and ran up to Ella's room before throwing ourselves onto the bed 

"Well that was fun" i laughed

i didnt hear Ella so i looked over to see her at the top of the bed, asleep

i pulled the blanket over her and whispered good night and turned off the light

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