My baby

Alexis and Niall met at a club and exchanged phone numbers
He didn't hit her up to sleep with him or go on a date with her,
But when Niall is 19 and Alexis is only 16 what will happen


2. chapter 1

A/N hey guys sorry it took so long my ipod wasnt working haha

hope you emjoy.


"C'mon!" I yelled as my photo was printing for my fake ID

me and my best friend Ella were making fake ID's so we could get into the best club in the town, Scary Canary, its where EVERYONE goes and the bouncers will believe anything.

* four hours later*

Walking into my closet, i wondered what i was going to where

i looked over and saw my favourite knee-high dress

it was yellow with white sequins going down the side

i got undressed and slipped it over my slim body

"wow, that looks soo good" i said outloud

i walked out and sat at my dresser and got my curling iron out of my drawer

i noticed the knob of my door was turning so i grabbed a couple of hair pamphlets and threw it over our ID's

"Hi darling, why so dressed up" She said suspiciously

i quickly thought of an excuse and blurted it out before she asked anymore questions

" Its Ella's birthday today, duh!" i said pushing a nervous smile on my face 

"Oh really, tell her i said happy bithday" she said as she was walking out of my room

Phew, that was a close one i thought to myself as i picked up the hot curling iron



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