My brothers friend

My name is Ella Tomlinson yes that's right Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson's little sister, " you know it's been three years since they came third in the X factor and I still haven't met his friends or seen him since he left Yeah I miss him but its not like he's going to walk right through that door" I said to my best friend Scarlett. She likes Harry and its kind off weird because my best friend likes my big brothers best friend ( he is older than me by two years I'm 19 )


3. Laser tag bitchas lol


i woke up the next morning feeling lively and energetic ( I also wanted to shoot people ha ha I ran into the livin room and saw all the boys where in there.

" Sup mofos" I said and let out a small giggle but all the boys where laughing their heads off 

" not that funny guys!" I shouted and they all stopped laughing,

" ok I have an idea for something to do today" I said happily

"what is it" the boys said t the exact same time

" well that's creepy, anyway um what was i talking about?" I asked

" you where saying an idea for today" Liam replied politely 

" LASER TAG BITCHAS!" I shouted makin the boys laugh one again

" shutup and go get ready" I said before running to my room.

skip getting dressed an the ride there sorry but honestly i can't be bothered explaining it 

"Soooooo what are the teams?" Asked Liam

"um Harry you are blue team captain, Ella you are red team captain" Niall said in a very deep voice which made me laugh

" ok I pick Lou" I said

" I pick Niall" Harry said quickly

" I pick zayn so you got Liam" I said 

we ran to our sides and got our plan from zayn which was really cool

so I was the sniper an i had to hide in a second floor the other boys didnt know about, zayn was walking around and so was lou.

I saw Liam walking past and I shot him again and again and again the he finally looked around to se where it was coming from then ran off.

its 26 minutes into the game (sorry for the big skip) and so far I have shot Harry five times, Liam  ten times and Niall seven times but we are tying.

"hi" Louis whispered startling me 

"Ella Bella can you do me a favor and hang from this railing and cry for help and we will shoot the boys ok?" He asked

" sure " I replied and he helped me down and got to his hiding spot.

" Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh somebody help me please!!!!!" I screamed and saw that Liam, Harry and Niall came running up to me

" don't worry we will catch you just drop!" Niall yelled, I dropped and as they said they caught me, just as they put me down zayn and Lou shot Liam, Niall and Harry five times each.

DING DING DING the bell went off signaling that the game had finished so we took of our gear and ran to the score board and the worker called out 

" the winning team is the blred team!" he shouted

" And the single person winner is Ella with no hits and twenty two shots" he said and gave me a plastic medal and a huge chocolate bar.



sorry my chapters are kinda crappy they keep on deleting so I had to do them over again anyway 


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