My brothers friend

My name is Ella Tomlinson yes that's right Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson's little sister, " you know it's been three years since they came third in the X factor and I still haven't met his friends or seen him since he left Yeah I miss him but its not like he's going to walk right through that door" I said to my best friend Scarlett. She likes Harry and its kind off weird because my best friend likes my big brothers best friend ( he is older than me by two years I'm 19 )


4. Fuck off

A/N there are a few swear words no hate and I warned you


i woke up the next morning bowing what I want to do... Go on a date with Ella!  I know it's soon but I just really like her I mean what can I not like she's beautiful, funny amazing or should I say amaZAYN. I walked down stairs and saw Ella, I didn't hunk anyone was awake so I just went for it.

" Ella I know we haven't known each other for awhile but will you do me the honor of being my girl friend?" I said hoping she would say yes but before she could answer Louis came bursting in the room and shouted

" back off she my sister don't you dare ask her out on a date!" He look furious

" Lou calm down" Ella said to him trying to sooth him but it didn't work

" look here zayn she is my little sister and if you fucking touch her I will mess you up!" He shouted at me

" Lou I can choose if I want to date him or not and I do!" She shouted at him, wait did she jut say she wants to date me, YES!!!

" Did you just say that you want to date him because I'd you do I am not going to let you!" He screamed back, just then the boys ran downstairs and saw they where fighting and all awkwardly started walking up the stairs backwards and ran to their rooms

" FUCK OFF LOUIS!, it's my life am freaking nineteen leave me the fuck alone and let me choose what I want to do!" She shouted at him and ran to her room leaving Louis and I with a shocked look on our faces. 

Louis went to run after her but the other boys stopped him from fucking up even more but seriously I get it he's her big brother and he should be protective over her.

 Ella and I pretty much ended up texting each other like the whole night.

A bit of the convo E=Ella Z=Zayn

E: but again sorry about that like you know the shouting

Z: it's ok so um about that date.....

E: what about it?

Z: you still up for it because I was thinking this Friday maybe I will pick you up

E: I'm still up for it and Fridays great what time

Z: 4:00 I that good for you

E: it's great 

Z: cool

E:I'm kind of tired goodnight you fruitloop

Z: fruitloop?

E: just a weird pet name for you again goodnight fruit loop

Z: ok and goodnight ummmmmmm cupcake?

end of convo



so I hope you liked it



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