My brothers friend

My name is Ella Tomlinson yes that's right Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson's little sister, " you know it's been three years since they came third in the X factor and I still haven't met his friends or seen him since he left Yeah I miss him but its not like he's going to walk right through that door" I said to my best friend Scarlett. She likes Harry and its kind off weird because my best friend likes my big brothers best friend ( he is older than me by two years I'm 19 )


5. Apologies



I walked up to Ella's door

* knock knock knock* after three knocks she anwsered the door, I hugged her and walked Into her room and she shut the door and sat on her  and so did I,

"Ella I'm sorry about freaking out on you I was just being protective I mean come on your my only little sister" I said to her

" I know Lou and I am sorry for shouting at you and telling you to fuck off" she replied

" it's ok Ella Bella why don't I make it up to you and spend a day with you this Friday" I said to her

" oh um this Friday?, I'm busy" she said to me so being the big protective brother I am I asked

" doing what exactly?" 

" um going on a date with zayn" she said quietly but I could still her her

" ok Ella how about Saturday?" I asked she looked up with happiness written all over her face

" really so that means i can go in the date with zayn?" She asked

" yes ella of course" she hugged me then ran out to eat breaky, I walked to zayns room and his door was open

" hi zayn um I'm sorry about yesterday" I said

" it's ok Lou I get it your her big brother and you were just trying to protect her" he smiled

" thanks zayn, and I heard you and Ella are going on a date this Friday so can I make it up to you by helping set up the date?" I asked

" umm yeah sure I was thinking about a picnic" he said happily

" cool and I won't tell her I'm helping you" I said smiling. 



I hope you liked it and its  really late like 1:00 am I think anyway goodnight and


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