My brothers friend

My name is Ella Tomlinson yes that's right Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson's little sister, " you know it's been three years since they came third in the X factor and I still haven't met his friends or seen him since he left Yeah I miss him but its not like he's going to walk right through that door" I said to my best friend Scarlett. She likes Harry and its kind off weird because my best friend likes my big brothers best friend ( he is older than me by two years I'm 19 )


2. A/N and chappy


i already wrote three this chapter times but it got fucking deleted each tim soz about that and soz if its a little crappy


Ugh zayn why would he do that why would he wink at MY little sister it just makes me so annoyed like I'm not doing a good job of being a good big brother I should talk to zayn

" hey zayn can I talk to you " i whispered

" yeah sure " he whispered back then we both started heading for the kitchen 

" zayn your one of my best friends so I don't really want you to flirt with her so can you back off" I whisper shoute as i know they would still be able to hear us (yeah I know kinda harsh but if your best friend wanted to date you little sister you wouldn't be to happy either)

" ok Lou I am sorry I didn't mean to make you  angry" he said back 

"thanks" I said as we were walking back.



i saw zayn and Lou come back in the room and as I was looking Harry stole my baby ( my phone, yeah, well, ummmm shutup lol) i got up and started to chase Harry then i finally assassins creed tackled him ( you have to know the game to know what im talking about and by the way it really hurts to get assassins creed tackled, ANYWHOOO) he fell to the ground with a thud and landed with the hand that has my phone in it up so I got off of him and took it i started to walk away then turned away and shouted

" you just got beat up by a girl!" Then skipped away which made everyone laugh even harry.

i looked at my phone and relized that he had added four new contacts so I read them all

( I am using them from my other book the names Ella)

zayn was: DJ MALIK

Niall was: prince

liam was: DD

and last of all also the funniest of all Harry's was: sexay beast which made me laugh



sorry its been sooo long I have just been so busy i honestly can't tell you how much stud I have to do lol but anyway I hope you enjoyed it

love ya all and stay sassy ( like Louis) haha 

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