My life changer

Austin Mahone Fanfic.


3. The day i met Austin Part 1

*Tuesday morning*
Rose came into my room and woke me up at 7:00. "Hey. I need to leave early today so I need to know if you're going to school today or if you're going to stay home and visit your mum. But if you go to school, I can't pick you up early if you want to come home early." I knew what she was talking about. Today was my mum's birthday and I either stay home or go to school but come home in the middle of first period because I've been crying too much. No matter what I do, I always mum's grave to leave flowers and to I miss her and love her. "I'll stay home" I told her half asleep. Rose left to go to work while I slept in.
I woke up at 10:30 and got up to have a shower. I got out and did my hair, makeup and got changed. I then got my phone, wallet, plane ticket and put them in my bag and caught a taxi to the airport to fly out to Texas for the day.
*Skipping plane ride and Taxi ride*
The taxi stopped in front of the cemetery. I got the bouquet of flowers and my purse out of the bouquet out of the cab. I paid the driver and he sped off. I walked to my mum's grave. I stopped when I saw Hope Lane written on a tombstone. I knelt down in front of the stone and placed the flowers in between me and the stone. I then placed the birthday on the flowers. "Hey mum, how are you?" I asked. Just at that moment, a gust of wind blew onto me. That was all I had for an answer, as well as the voice in my head. "I'm alright. School's just not the best place to be at the moment." Another gust of wind blew while I heard the voice in my head. "Because I'm still being bullied. It hasn't stopped." After that, there was no more wind and the voice in my head was gone. I was crying like there was no tomorrow. "I love you mum." i said really quietly. I put my head down on the flowers for a pillow and I fell asleep soon after.

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