My life changer

Austin Mahone Fanfic.


1. Me and my past

My life, is anything but normal. One minute I'm well liked, the next everyone hates me. Yet that isn't even the weirdest thing. I'm dating Austin Mahone. Yep you heard me, Austin Mahone the singer. Now you're proberly thinking how i met him, why he chose me and stuff like that.Well I'll tell you. But first , I'll tell a bit about myself. My name is Marisa, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Texas. I moved to Miami when i was 10. My mum was murdered when i was 1 and my dad has been in prison for the past 2 years for child abuse. I lived with my grandmother for 6 months before she died and ever since she died I've been living with my best friend. Rose has been my best friend ever since the day i was born. She knows everything about me. My dad never payed attention to me so she took me everywhere and anywhere, with a fake ID of course. Anyways, I'll get to the real point of the story. To tell you about me and Austin. 

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