my epic love story

This is my love story beginning in sixth grade, i know that might be a little early so a love story but this actually happened and many of you may start to understand me a lot better. I won't use real names, of course but names that are close to the real name. this is my epic love story and it involves heartbreak and betrayal but right now i think things are going okay, unless my current boyfriend is cheating on me, which i don't think he is. i dont really know, just read to find out



hello everyone, its me again, so everything in this story really happened, and it happened to me. not to one of my friends but me. i'm going to be completely honest and say that, and just know that i don't care if you judge me. but if you have any comments to Shaun (Sean EX.) please say them cuz i like it when people say he's a jerk and other mean stuff (even though he's my friend now it's still fun to trash him). This story is about to get very complicated so if you have any questions about it i will answer. Thanks so much of reading and i hope you enjoy my epic love story

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