Cat mellark everdeen and her brother Tyler mellark are the children of katniss and peeta one day after a trip to the woods katniss has some terrible news


2. chapter 2/1

A/N the characters on the front of the movella are the characters In the story

Cat's pov

I woke up had a shower and got dressed  grabbed my hunting boots bag and jacket then I woke up my brother Tyler after a lot of grumbling he agreed to go to the woods and hunt with me so he grabbed everything he needed and we head of to the door in the fence when we got In the fence we grabbed our bows and arrows knifes and spears put them in our bags and set of to the little house in the woods. we had prepared the night before and had bread goats cheese and croissants so we ate our feast and then sighed our stomachs were full "Ty we should start hunting now so we can drop the food in at the hob" I said looking at him "I suppose so do you want to do the herbs or meat?" he asked "why don't we do both?" I said "then we could probably get more food and medicines and gramma's coming back here to the seam so we could give her the herbs the most important medical ones and the rest to the medics at the hob?" I asked "ok that sounds good but lets split up so we can cover more ground" Tyler said "ok but lets clean up here so then we can go" I said while I started picking up our food crumbs and papers then we headed in different directions I readied my bow and ended up shooting some groosling's ducks, squirrels and rabbits so I put them in my hunting bags and found a bee's hive I started spraying it with non poisonous for humans bug spray the bees cleared out before it could do to much damage I climbed up to the tree it was in and started cutting it down when I finally got it down I started walking away but not before I had put it in my bag I thought I might look for some herbs now I turned a corner to a cave and came face to face with a GRIZZLY BEAR!!!! it growled a terrible growl and started advancing towards me but I kept backing away I tried to ready my bow and in the end I succeeded and I shot the bear in the eye it hit the ground but I new it wasn't dead so I walked towards the bear and with my knife I stabbed it in its stomach then it growled a antagonising growl and breathed it last breath then I let out a huge scream and Tyler came running saying Cat Catalia "Tyler look what I shot "  I said In delight and to my surprise he let out a girly squeal "Tyler you girl" I laughed and we put a the bear in our hunting bags and walked home only to see my mum katniss crying and my dad peeta looking so mad madder then I had ever seen him Mum Dad what's wrong mum opened her mouth to speak but she couldn't stop crying to speak "I'll tell you what's wrong" said my dad his voice full of  bitterness "you and your brother joannas,finnick,beetees and haymitchs children are going into the games the hunger games victors children style payler turned on us" said my dad with tears running on his bright red face and all I saw was black and a voice that sounded angelic saying Cat

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