May The Odds

Its the 50th Hunger Games saw twice as many tributes enter the arena and I'm one of the smallest tributes and no one thinks I'll make it the first night but there wrong. It's now the third night and the odds aren't in my favor.

(Cover art by daekazu)


2. May The Odds

‘May the odds be ever in your favor’ echoed over and over in my head. As I waited up in a tree while a group, more like a pack, of children ran by. Counting there has to be about five of them. I shiver as the air became colder. I haven’t really eaten in a day and I can feel myself getting weaker. I can’t be waiting around wasting my time but at the same time I want to stay away from the water. I heard a branch snap. Jumping I shake the branch I’m on; a few leaves fall to the ground. “Who’s there?” A voice filled the air. I froze; I stopped breathing. “I know you there, I heard you.” A young boy’s voice filled the air. There was a little light casting down. He stepped right into it. He was now looking up in to the trees. I let out a breath as I knew who the young boy is. It’s the boy who I traveled here with. I slid down the tree landing a few feet a way. Cause him to jump back. For a moment I thought he was going to strike me. “You.” He said. “Yes, me.” I said looking at him. We just looked at each other unsure if one or another was going to attack. I’m unsure how long we looked at each others. Yells filled the air around us; followed by a cannonball. I can hear footsteps heading towards us. I see panic feel his eye and I know mine are too. I step back the tree; looking back he still standing there. I grab his hand; yanking him with me. I clime the tree fast, the voice are getting closer. We’re both up in the tree when they run by thinking they were the only ones but then I see two figures running after them. The silence feels the air once again. We don’t talk. We don’t move. “Thank you.” He filly whispered about an hour later. “You’re welcome.” It was darker, so dark I could hardly make out the shape of him. I didn’t think he even realized that I was looking at him. “Have you eaten?” His voice came from the dark. “Just some plant; I stole some rabbit last night. Almost did myself in for that.” I said. “Well, here.” He was on one side of the tree and I was on the other. “What is it?” I ask as I wasn’t sure if it was a trip. Was he going to grab me making me fall? What if is was some kind of poisonous plant? “It’s smoked fish.” Smoked fish? How did you get that? “Like I’m going to fall for that; literally.” “Here.” I heard him move closer and for a moment I was going to jump; hoping that I wouldn’t hurt myself to bad. But then I could smell it; the fish. I was stretching out his hand. Slowly, I took it. “Thanks.” I said. “Your welcome, I have another. Plus, I owed you.” He said. Wait, that means we’re even. Is he going to try something? Is this just a way for him to get rid of me? “So we’re even now?” I questioned. “No even close; if it wasn’t for you I’d be dead.” He said. “Does that mean I’m stuck with you?” I ask jokily. “Only if you want more fish?” He said. And for the fist time sense being in here I smiled just a bit. “Wake up.” I said. He looked around. For a second it looked like he forgot where he was at. I hate trying to sleep in trees. I never sleep more then an hour. But it’s the only place I have found. “Come on.” I said. Once on the ground we stopped and took everything in. Looks like on one knows we’re here. The only footsteps are the ones from last night. “We better get moving. I never stay in one place more then a day.” I said. We spend hours walking; hardy any words spoken. “I think we’re heading east.” He said causing me to jump. I could hear him giggle. “Are you laughing at me?” I question. “Nope…. Giggle yes, but laughing no.” He smiled at me. His brown eyes shined. From what I remember back home not many people knew him. He has no family only a grandmother. But I heard a rumor about her after they took us away. They were saying that the night we boarded the train she died of a broken heart. “I don’t believe it.” He said. “What?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. “My grandmother.” He said. “How did you know?” I question. “I’m good at reading people; you looked sad; then you looked at me you became sadder.” “I…” I didn’t know what to say. “It’s fine.” He said walking past. I stopped him. I gave him a quick hug. It was like three seconds long but I knew he might be the last person I hugged; and with the sadness in his eye I don’t think he believes she’s fine. We walked for so long, my legs were burning and the sun was pounding onto us. Until we can to a river. “Do you think it has fish?” I asked. He walked over and looked in. “Yes, I think so.” I stayed back. I don’t like water. “Are you coming in?” He was in the water up to his ankle. Looking at the water I took another step back. “I like my trees. I’ll stick with them.” Did I just say that? If he went in any further the whish of the speeding water would whisk him away. “You’re afraid of water?” “Nope… terrified.” I never learned how to swim; never needed to. I had by no means to learn or have anything to do with the water. “You keep watch them.” He did make me feel bad or anything. “Are you sure you don’t want to come in?” He asked about twenty minuets later. The sun was so hot I had taken of my shirt leaving me in just tank top; witch I had rolled up cooling me off as much as I could. I watched him splashed water onto his face. “Come a bit closer and I can toss water at you?” He offered. “I’m not getting to close.” I said. I was almost five feet away. I shut my eyes. I heard him hit the water with his hands and with in seconds I slashed onto me. “Well, what do we got hear?” said a deep voice. Turning I see the two same people who were chasing the others last night. I took a few steps back. The water getting louder behind me causes me to stop backing up. I couldn’t see a way out of this; water behind me and two crazy, mad killers in front of me. “Looks like we gotten two little love birds.” Said a taller guy next to him. I sneak a peek behind me. He didn’t look scared as scared as I felt. The taller of the two boys jumped forwards towards me, making me move back. My heart was pounding so loud I could feel it in my ears. My breathing was shaky along with every other part of me. Taking a footstep back I could feel the water run past the back of my heel. Behind me he grabs my arm pulling me next to him. It took all I could not to freak out. Glancing around I began to think of a way out of here. If we could just get to the over side of the river we could try and make a run for it. “Why don’t you come to our team baby; well make it fun for a bit.” The buffer of the two guys said. “Only in you’re dreams.” I spatter at him. “Get them!” He said. We took of into the water. Hoping to make it to the other side but my foot slips on a slimy rock and I go crashing in to the water. The cold water washes over me. My breath clenches in my lungs. I open my eyes but all I see is water. It burns my eyes for a second as my face flies out of the water. I gasp, my lugs feeling with air and water. “Ella!” I hear my name being yelled as he tries to make his way to me. He had fear covering every part of him he reached for my hand right when the one of the guys grabbed him pulling him out of the water. “Will!” I tired yelling his name but only a bit of whisper comes out. The water pulled me back under. The thing I was most scared of is the last thing I see.

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