Diana (One Shot)

This is my take on the story behind Diana by One Direction. I hope you guys like it!


1. Diana

Diana’s POV

“But...you said...” I whimper looking into his cruel, blue eyes.

“I lied. Why would I like someone like you?” Jason sneers and tears run down my pale cheeks. “Stop crying you baby!” His deep voice snaps. I look down as more tears stream down my face.

“Why?” I ask my voice barely above a whisper.

“Because I can.” I can hear the mocking smirk is his voice while my pale green eyes look at the rich brown carpet beneath my feet. “Now, get out of my house you worthless loser” He laughs maliciously and I wordlessly get up and walk to the door, looking at my beat up, old, scuffed up white runners the whole time because I don’t want to look into his eyes and see his mockery where once I thought I saw love. 

I wrap my small, shaking fingers around the cold, silver knob and pull it open. I feel Jason’s large hands on my back, roughly pushing me out the door. My foot snags the edge of the door frame and I see the grey, speckled pavement rushing up to meet me.

I don’t get my hands in front of me to break my fall in time and my head smacks against the pavement. For a second everything is dark and when I open my eyes I see Jason’s vicious smirk as he slams the slams the black, looming door shut. 

I get up, a bit dizzy and almost fall. Slowly I walk down the sidewalk to the next house over and lean against their tree. Hesitantly I reach up to touch my dull blonde hair. As my fingers make contact I wince from the pain and feel something sticky matting my hair. I pull my hand away and cry in horror as I see my shaking fingers are covered in blood.

I wipe them on my light blue skinny jeans and take my phone out of my back pocket. I turn on the sleek Smartphone and scroll through my contact list, when I find my mom’s contact I call her.

“Mom...” I say drowsy. 

“Diana? Honey what’s wrong?” She asks, worry filling her voice.

“I...fell walking home and hit my head, really hard.” I pause. “Can you come get me?” I give her the address and she promises to come get me as quickly as she can and I slump to the ground, trying to keep my eyes open.


Two days later I return to school. The doctors kept me at the hospital for a day to observe me and make sure that I didn’t have any brain damage.

“Look, there’s Diana.” I hear a girl whisper to my right, and I keep my eyes locked on the floor, tracing the pattern the bleak, dull tiles make with my eyes.

“I heard she was in the hospital.” The girl’s friend whispers back.

“Yeah, I heard it was because she got herpes” The first girl replies with a snort.

“What a slut.” Girl number two replies and I feel my face heat up under their scrutiny.

I sneak a glace up and see everyone looking at me and whispering to each other.

“Slut.” Someone says

“Whore.” Another one calls

“Jason told me that she threw herself at him, saying that she didn’t want to be a virgin anymore.” Some girl says to a group of them as I walk past. I feel tears brim my eyes and try to hold them in.  

“I can’t believe that she thought that he would prefer her over Jenni.”

“Hey, loser.”  I hear Jason call from behind me and I stiffen, looking at the floor again. I stop at my sky black locker and put in the combination. “What, do you think that you‘re too good to talk to me now?” His voice comes from behind me.

“Why are you spreading rumors about me?” I ask softly, too scared of him to do anything but rummage through my locker.

“Rumours? That’s what happened slut.” He replies in a harsh whisper then says loud enough for everyone to hear “No! I will not sleep with you, you herpes carrying slut! I have a girlfriend” And everyone laughs. I feel blood rush to my cheeks and tears fall from my eyes. I slam my locker door shut and run to the bathroom.  

I close and lock the door behind me, thankful that I’m alone in the small, three stall bathroom. I walk over to one of the sinks and see that my eyeliner and mascara have run down my face, leaving black streaks down my face. I walk over to the far wall and sit down, my back pressing against its cool surface and let the tears come because there is no one around to see me cry.

I punch my backpack that I threw down beside me, trying to get a hold of myself. Why would he do this to me? I never did anything to him, or anyone for that matter. I was just a shy girl who no one paid any attention to. That is until Jason started talking to me, making me think I was someone special, saying that he loved me but I couldn’t tell anyone because no one would understand, that he was only with his girlfriend because he had a reputation to protect. And I fell for it.

The bell rang for first period to start and I got up off the floor and took my bag to the sink. I got my makeup remover out and cleaned all the eyeliner and mascara streaks from my face and waited for my eyes to fade from red to white so that no one would know that I had been crying.


Four months later

My phone vibrates and I take it out to see what new insults I’d been sent.

Why don’t you just kill yourself, no one likes you anyways. Someone I didn’t know sent me and I sighed. Since the day I came back to school after my concussion things just got worse. Jenni made it her own personal mission to make my life a living hell for going for her boyfriend. No one listened to me when I said that wasn’t what happened. All my friends abandoned me because they didn’t want to be targets of Jenni’s fury as well.  I don’t blame them, it sucks when everyone hates you and there is no one who can do a damn thing about it.

I lay back down on my soft bed, letting the fluffy floral print pattern comforter wrap around me and I feel tears slowly fall from my eyes. I cry a lot these days, alone, in my room with no one to talk to. I can’t talk to my mom because she would try to fix everything and just end up making everything worse, I can talk to the school because the same thing would happen. I can’t talk to my little sister Iris because she is just too young to understand.

I sit up again and bend over to my bedside table and open the mahogany drawer, taking out my gleaming silver knife. I hold it for a second, thinking about what I’ve done with it. Absentmindedly I push up my long sleeve shirt and stroke the scars and scabs there.  The only thing that made me feel better was feeling the bite of the knife as it glided across my skin, leaving a line of slick blood trailing behind it. It makes me understand why everyone hates me. It is the only way I know how to get my anger, and sadness out.

I look at the knife more closely and see a little bit of my blood on it. I take a deep breath and bring the knife closer to my left wrist and drag it lightly across it and watch curiously as I see blood pool along my wrist. I drag my knife lightly across my wrist again and then throw the knife at the wall and pick up a dense pillow and scream into it.

I get off my bed and walk around my room; my eyes are practically a waterfall. I walk over to my small white desk and take out my suicide note and read it.

Dear Mom,

                I’m sorry for doing this to you but I just can’t handle it anymore. It’s too much, everyone hates me, and they’re always telling me to kill myself. I wasn’t going to listen to them but it’s so, so hard. Every day I hear ‘You’re such a loser, no one likes you, why don’t you just kill yourself’ and they’re right. No one likes me except you and Iris, my death will make everyone happier, and it’s for the greater good.

People say ‘it gets better’ but it doesn’t. Not for some people, not for people like me. It only gets worse and worse every day I’m here. Every day I stay on this planet is another day I have to silently bare the pain of my existence and I can’t stand it. The weight of the world is on my shoulder and everyday that burden just keeps getting heavier and heavier.

I love you Mom, I always have and I always will, just because I won’t be here anymore to tell you that won’t change it. Tell Iris that I had to leave and be with Dad. Make sure she knows that I will always be watching over her, that I am her guardian angel and that as long as she knows that I am always with her in her heart nothing bad will happen to her. Tell her I love her and that one day she is going to grow up to be the most beautiful girl in the world.              

                                                                                            I will love you both forever          


I fold it up and place it neatly on my desk. I walk over to my closet and take one of my belts off its hanger and step on the stool I use to get clothes on the top shelf of my closet that I can’t reach. I close the sliding closet door and loop the belt around the post used to hang shirts then loop it around my neck and take a deep breath,

I close my eyes and step off the stool, kicking it away from me.

I will love you both forever

I think to myself as I take my last breath.


Liam’s POV

I place the paper down on the table in front of me as I finish reading the article about a girl named Diana in the States who killed herself. In one of the photos that was apparently taken a few weeks before her death you can tell that something is wrong. Her green eyes are dull, lifeless, the same with her fake smile that she’s putting on for the camera.

“Niall! Come here!” I say and Niall walks over from across the room.

“What?” He asks pleasantly and I hand him the paper.

“Read it.” I instruct. I watch as his blue eyes read the article and get ever so sadder as he reads on.

“This...”He says at a loss for words

“I know.”

“This needs to change.” He says his voice full of determination.

“I agree.” I say sadly, thinking of her sad, lifeless eyes.

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