"Overcoming Obstacles."

Being Harry's sister is hard. Me and him have been through so much! But we always stayed by each other's side and he's very protective of me because of what happened in the past. But what happens when I get to go on tour with him and fall in love with a cheeky Australian boy? Will Harry not let us be together or will he overcome what happened in the past and let us be happy together?


11. "Suspicious,"

Harry's POV

      I got off the phone with Simon and he said I had to go tell him to call him. I turned off my tv and walked in the living room. Charlotte was watching tv with Calum. I said hi to them and they said hello back. I walked through and into the hallway. Ashton's room was the first door on the left. I knocked on the door and he said come in. I walked in and over to him. 

"Hey! Whatcha need?" Ashton asked. 

"Um Simon wants you to call him for some reason." I said looking at Ashton. 

"Oh ok." 

    He reached for the phone and pulled up his sleeve. A bracelet fell from his forearm to his wrist. On it was half a heart. I didn't think any of it because maybe one of his family members had the other half. I walked out of his room and back into the living room. I decided maybe me and Charlotte could go out and get something to eat at the hotel by our-self. I haven't hung out with her in a while! I walked back over to her and Calum and said

"Charlotte want to go get something to eat in the hotel?" 

"Sure let me go get dressed!" 

   She got up and went into the living room. I sat down with Calum and watched some tv. About 20 minutes later she came back in and said she was ready to go. We walked out of our room and down to the food court. We ordered some food and sat down. She took off her sweater and she had a necklace on. I know I didn't give her one. And I know for sure our mom didn't give her one. I reached over and pulled her necklace up to see what it was. It was half a heart. Just like Ashton's. Well that's intersecting. I let it go and said

"Where did you get that necklace?" 

"I...um brought it." Charlotte said. 

"When?" I asked. 

"Um when we went shopping." 

"Then why does Ashton have the same half a heart as yours except his is a bracelet?" 

"I don't know." Charlotte said. 

       She looked down at her food and started eating. Something is up. I ate my food and we threw away the rest. We went back up to our room and Charlotte went straight to her room. 

Charlotte's POV

    I ran straight to my room and closed my door. Oh no. This isn't good!! Harry kinda knows and this isn't good. Maybe we should just tell him? I mean maybe he'll be less mad if we tell him in-stand of him finding out himself. I looked out my door and the coast was clear. I ran to Ashton's room and closed the door. 

"Hey babe." Ashton said. 

"He knows!" 

"Who know's?" 

"Harry! I think he's finding out we're together. When we went to go get food down at the food court he asked about my necklace and I guess he saw your bracelet. So he put two together. I was thinking maybe we should just tell him? I mean maybe he'll be less mad if we tell him our-self then him finding out himself." I said. 

"Your right. Let's go tell him." 

    Ashton got up and me and him walked into the living room. Everyone was in there good. Calum, luke, harry and Louis was watching tv. And Niall, Zayn, michael and Liam were in the kitchen. I took a deep breath and said

"Guys can I have everyone's attention!" 

    They all turned there heads at me and Ashton. I looked at Ashton and said

"We have something to say. For the past month me and Ashton have been secretly dating. We haven't told anyone you. Harry your right. Ashton gave me the necklace that I'm wearing now. I didn't want to tell you Harry because I know how you are. But we both decided to tell you. We thought it would be better this way." I said. 

    All the boys looked at each other and Harry got up. He walked over to Ashton and I and looked at both of us. He looked back at me and said

"I knew it." 


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