"Overcoming Obstacles."

Being Harry's sister is hard. Me and him have been through so much! But we always stayed by each other's side and he's very protective of me because of what happened in the past. But what happens when I get to go on tour with him and fall in love with a cheeky Australian boy? Will Harry not let us be together or will he overcome what happened in the past and let us be happy together?


6. "Secret."

*Next  Day* 

Charlotte's POV 

     Last night was amazing! We got back to the hotel and Ashton hugged me and kissed me on the forehead and we went up to the hotel and hung out all night. We watched movies and played videos and Harry didn't like it but whatever. We walked about everything. I told Ashton everything about me except the horrible stuff. He told me everything to from his favorite color to his favorite place to eat. We got a long so well you said he wanted to tell me something tomorrow. Which is today and i wonder what it told be. 

     We got out of the van and into the arena. This was there second show here and the coward the other night was amazing. As always the boys went into there different rooms but Ashton grabbed me hand and pulled me into this empty room. He closed the door and said

"So. I'm just going to say it before I get too scared. Charlotte I really like you. I know we have only knew each other for a little while but you're just amazing and beautiful......" 

"Ashton no." 

"I know your brother will be mad but we can keep it a secret!" 

"Ashton this isn't going to work. If we want to go out together on a date or something Harry will know about it. This is a bad idea!!" I said. 

"Please." Ashton said looking into my eyes. 

"UGH fine! But your just lucky that your adorable!" I said laughing. 

     Ashton come over to me and gave me another hug tightly and we walked out of the room. Ashton tried to grab my hand but I gave him a look and pulled it away. Then a guy came over and said 

"Ashton it's time to go on stage." 

     Ashton turned back to me and gave me a hug and then left. I couldn't help but smile! I turned around and started was about to walk down the hall when I looked up and saw Harry.......and he looked pissed, I walked over to him and said

"What's wrong?" 

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because I just saw you hug Ashton!" 

"Oh I didn't know you were here." 

"Well I was. Wait a minute. Is something going on between you too?" Harry asked. 

"Um no." I said walking away from Harry. 

     I didn't want to continue that conversation or he would have knew I was lieing. I walked out and looked out the balcony at the stage. 5sos was playing "Out of my limit." That was my favorite song! The arena was crazy and it was in full blast! Then 5sos was saying goodbye and Ashton said

"I hope you guys have a great night! And I hope we get to see you soon again! Love ya guys!" 

    They walked off stage and the lights went out. And this is my favorite part! The crowd went CRAZY and then you hear 

"1, 2, 3! Straight of a plane to a new hotel. Just touched down you can never tell! I loved midnight memories so much! Probably one of my favorite songs on the album! Then someone came be hide me and gave me a hug. I turned around and saw Ashton. 

"Hey! You were great!" I said. 

"Thank's babe! Hey do you want to go hang out with the boys?" 


      Ashton grabbed my hand and we walked down the hall to there room. I swear these boys are always doing something weird. Luke and Calum was dancing to music and Michael was fixing his hair. I pulled my hand away from Ashton and Luke said

"Hey guys! You know what time it is? It's party time!" 

     He turned the music up, turned off the light's and turned on this disco lights! Me and joined them and started dancing. We danced for maybe 2 hours and I got tired by doing so many random stuff so I sat down on the couch. Ashton came over to me and I said joking

"So when do I get my kiss?" 

"Oh geez. We haven't even went on our first date girl, Ashton said laughing, I mean if you really want it you can have it know.!" He said biting his lip. 

     We leaned and we were so close to kissing when the light was turned on. We quickly pulled away and Thank god no one saw us, but it was just a body guard saying it was time to go. We all grabbed our stuff real quick and Ashton whispered in my ear

"You'll get this kiss later!" He said winking at me. 

     We all loaded in the car and I changed my seat for once and sat between Michael and Calum. Michael once again changed his hair color but I actually liked this color! It was like a ocean blue. There was calm all the way to the hotel. We arrived and hopped up and walked up to our hotel. I was super tired so I didn't even bother talking to anyone. I just went straight to my room, hopped on my bed and fell asleep. 


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