"Overcoming Obstacles."

Being Harry's sister is hard. Me and him have been through so much! But we always stayed by each other's side and he's very protective of me because of what happened in the past. But what happens when I get to go on tour with him and fall in love with a cheeky Australian boy? Will Harry not let us be together or will he overcome what happened in the past and let us be happy together?


13. "Out of Control."

Charlotte's POV

    Harry looked at me and then Ashton. He didn't too happy. Then out of no where Harry jumps on Ashton and slams him to the ground. Harry and Ashton start fighting and I screamed

"Guys!! Stop it right now!! Harry get off of Ashton!!" 

   I ran to them and put my hands on Harry's shirt and started pulling him to get up. He got up, turned around and hit me in the face. I fell to the ground and then Liam and Louis can running over to us. Louis pulled Harry off of Ashton and Liam helped me up. When Harry got pulled up he turned around at me and saw what he done and said

"Omg Charlotte I'm sorry I didn't see you there." 

"Save it Harry!" 

   I walked over to Ashton and helped him up. I helped him down the hall and into his room. I helped him on the bed and turned his head toward me. Ashton didn't look as bad as I thought. His lip was bleeding and he had a black eye. I walked over to the counter and grabbed a cloth. I went back to Ashton and put it on his lip. I then said

"Are you ok?" 

"Yeah just my lip hurts and my eye and my head." 

"I'm so so sorry. I never wanted that to happen." I said. 

"Charlotte it's fine. I was excepting him to do that anyway." 

"Do you need anything?" 

"Um can you get me some water?" Ashton asked. 

"Sure I'll go get you one." 

Harry's POV

    I was punching Ashton and the next thing I new Louis was pulling me off Ashton. I got up and turned around to where Charlotte was. She had a bruise on her face and then I realized I hit her but I didn't mean to. I then said

"I'm so sorry charlotte. I didn't see you there." 

"Save it Harry!" 

   She walked over to Ashton and helped him up. They walked down the hallway and into his room. I looked at the boys and then ran to my room, slamming the door be-hide me. I went to the corner and slide down the wall. Man I really messed up. GOD DAMN. Why did I do that?!? I looked down at the floor and I heard my door open. I looked up and saw Louis. He came over to me and sat down next to me and then said

"Harry are you ok?" 

"No! I messed up Lou! Like seriously messed up." 

"Harry calm down." Louis said. 
"I CAN'T!" I said getting up and going on my bed. 

     Louis got up and came over to me. He sat down and gave me a hug and then a kiss. Yes me and Louis are dating but I haven't told Charlotte yet. We have been dating or the x-factor. I was going to tell her as soon as I got home but I just was scared. Then Louis said

"Harry you shouldn't be so hard on her! She actually did something good!" 

"And what was that?" I asked. 

"She looked straight at your face and told you that her and Ashton was dating. Yeah maybe they were secretly dating for a month but you gotta think how hard that was for her! Maybe she thought it was better if she told you herself then you finding out yourself." 

"Ugggh your right." I said. 

"Maybe you should go tell her!" 

"No Louis! I am not going to tell her!" 

"Fine. I guess I'll have to just do something you may not like."

"And what's that?" I asked.


HI guys! Sorry it was a little short but I wanted to put up a chapter! If you like it please favorite and heart it. And become my fan! I always fan back!




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