"Overcoming Obstacles."

Being Harry's sister is hard. Me and him have been through so much! But we always stayed by each other's side and he's very protective of me because of what happened in the past. But what happens when I get to go on tour with him and fall in love with a cheeky Australian boy? Will Harry not let us be together or will he overcome what happened in the past and let us be happy together?


15. "Midnight Fight."

Charlotte's POV 

    I ran out of the restaurant that I was with Louis. I didn't know where I was going but I knew I wasn't going to go back to the hotel. I ran down the street when it started to rain. Just perfect! It started to rain really hard and then I came across a book store. I stop and went in. I went up and down the aisles when I saw a book with One Direction in it. I just looked at it and knocked it over. I finally found a book that was called "Endless Love." I grabbed it and went to one of there tables. I started reading it and It was really good. I didn't even look at the time until my phone went off. I got a text from Louis, Harry and Ashton. I opened Louis' and it said 

"Charlotte I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for that to make you upset. :(." 

   I then opened Ashton's and he's said 

"Babe where are you? It's 11:30pm at night! I'm really worried about you! Please come back to the hotel! Please!" 

   I then finally opened Harry's and it said 

"Please come back to the hotel. We need to talk." 

   Yeah you got that right. I couldn't believe I have been reading for 3 hours! I put the book away and headed back outside. It was still raining! :l I ran all the way to the hotel. I went to the top floor and went to our door. I opened it and Ashton ran straight over to me. He hugged me really tight and gave me a kiss in front of everyone. He then said 

"O.M.G!! I've been worried about you! I missed you so much!" 

"Missed you too." I said. 

    Ashton backed away and then Louis' came over to me. He looked to upset. He then said 

"Charlotte I'm SOOOO sorry!" He said crying. 

"I'm fine. Where Harry?" 

"In his room. I think you should talk to him." Louis said. 

   I turned and headed to the hallway. I walked all the way down to the end and got to Harry's door. I grabbed the knob and opened the door. Harry was laying in his bed and looked at me when I came in. I closed it be-hide me and sat on his bed. He then said 

"Charlotte I......" 

"No you don't have to say nothing Harry! I'm really upset with you." 

"I know. I just.....didn't know how to tell you. I really didn't." 

"OK! But Harry I'm your sister! I've told you EVERYTHING!! I mean EVERYTHING! And you keep this from me! And then you got SOOOO mad at me when I told you about me and Ashton being together but then in fact you had a secret that you have keep from me for years! I mean I would have been happy for you! But no..."

"Charlotte I'm sorry! Please I don't want to fight with you! Your my sister!" 

"Well We're fighting! Maybe now after this you'll let me and Ashton be happy together right?" I asked.


"You still don't want me and Ashton being together! Wow your a freaking jerk! I don't even want to talk to you right now Harry!" I said. 

"Charlotte!" Harry said. 

"No Harry! I'm so done with this! Whatever bye.! 

    I said walking out of his room. I walked back into the living room to go to the other hallway when Niall tried to grab me but I laughed at him and said 


   I ran all the way to my room and locked the door be hide me. I am so done with this. I am so done with Harry. I'm so done with everything! I'm leaving. I can't take it here anymore. I'm going somewhere no one will find me! 

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